11 March 2012

the light of hope

Exactly a year before today, I remembered that my mind completely lost function with the devastation in Japan. Since then, I have been thinking and participating in whatever I could do as a Japanese, including the fundraising project and visiting the town wiped out by the tsunami, which made me realise that they’re facing an unimaginable long road to recovery. 
It is vital to continue sending our love and support for those who face the hardship. It is important to keep the light of hope lit for the next generation. I believe that has to be done by us as adults. What an individual can do may be small, but together it become a big light of hope. 
Busy life has been holding me back but I have never forgotten. I will be starting again, HELP JAPAN PROJECT 2. Aiming to open this summer, with a completion of my degree. My support will be on-going. 

Please feel free to contact me if you are interested. x m


  1. Thank you Maki. I don't have much imagination, but what I do have is persistence. Please let me know how I can be of help. X

  2. Unfortunately, for so many this triple disaster has vanished from their mind and attention. What has happened a year ago is so terrible and beyond the imagination for most of us, I think. Can we really grab what it is like to live there while we're sitting in our warm houses? Thank you for this reminder, Maki, and let me know about your Help Japan Project 2.

  3. Beautiful shot and even better idea! Keep me posted!

  4. Your wonderful little birds remind me everyday. I won't forget. Look forward to helping with your next Help Japan project.

  5. This anniversary has brought attention back to Japan in the news media, and photos of then and now show that even though much of the debris is gone, widespread devastation remains. I cannot begin to imagine what it would be like to suffer such loss and hardship, and I'm sure recovery will take many years. I will be following you to see when you begin your next Help Japan project.

  6. Anonymous14/3/12 20:29

    Definately count me in, I watched a programme on TV recently and it was so upsetting. Anything that can be done - i would like to be involved xx
    Allison xx

  7. Yes please keep me posted,I was so touched by the children in a recent TV programme.


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