27 August 2014

new challenge

It’s been a month since Sabrina has been prescribed glasses to strengthen her right eye (weak one), and she has now got two pairs of wrap round type glasses. This is on the top of ongoing eye patch training. Baby + glasses? (toddler precisely) Well, put this way, equal really hard work! She takes them off as soon as we put them on. Tried so many ways to distract her, by letting her hold things, our hands, keeping her busy etc, obvious things you can think of. I even put her socks on her hands (sorry I was mean, babe!) and that did last only for a minute. Eye training at this age is mainly to maintain her brain function for the future. If that stops, when she gets older, then even if she did another op, the brian won’t pick up what she sees. So we know how important this is, but how on earth are we suppose to do??? Anyone, any trick? xm

2 August 2014

POTFEST in the Park

Last weekend we went to POTFEST in the Park. One of my favourite ceramic events in the UK. A place that I always find something I adore (and never have enough money to buy all the things I am fond of!) This time, I would like to share three artists work that I very much enjoyed. 

Very distinguish bold and quirky expression of nature, animals and humans in ceramic reliefs by Hilke MacIntyre. I first saw her work at a local gallery a while ago and instantly fell in love. I have a little collection of her work but since she is based in Scotland, I have never seen her in this sort of event in the past. So when I found out that she was at POTFEST this year, I was over the moon. It was lovely to see so much of her work and each story made us smile. I took a little plaque with mum and daughter on her shoulders home as a new addition to our collection. You can view more of Hilke’s beautiful work here.

Another artist from Scotland, Wendy Kershaw creates beautiful porcelain plaques with illustration. Her illustrations contain interesting stories, which makes you look closer. I found the combination of that with some transfers, cobalt and a touch of gold, an absolute gem. Fine needle lines are almost like etching yet the surface was so smoothly polished. "Elegance" might be the word to describe it. I have never seen any work like this before and my heart was particularly stolen by her porcelain book. Stunning! You can view more of Wendy’s work here

Finally Isabel Merrick from Devon. I started to buy her work since I first saw at Rufford a few years ago. Lively and playful colour decoration on her tableware are very eye catching. But this time she was also exhibiting her unique selection of more sculptural pieces. A totally different approach and firing. The way everything was put together with slip, glaze and scraffitto. Its wacky shape. Its dynamics. I absolutely loved them. In particular I adored this vessel with angel like wings. I had to push my limit to take this home! Thank you Isabel. You can view her brilliant work here.