27 March 2012

s p r i n g h a s c o m e

full of cherry blossom in front of my studio. 

new start. 

new work. 

more to come. xm

19 March 2012

good day forward

i did a quick work at college this morning, then prepared tomorrow’s presentation smoothly in the afternoon. i picked muscari from our garden, then cooked Japanese dinner. it was rather nice day. totally opposite to the weekend just gone. kind messages have helped me. i guess all depend on my mind set. yes, i'm going to make tomorrow a good day like this, too. 

how was your day? hope it was sound to you. x m 

17 March 2012

letter to heaven

Dear David

How are you? 
I am fine and coping somehow. 

I guess we only know how hard it is when we actually start doing things ourselves properly. 

So many learning curves in the studio. 
Glaze tests, new shapes, endless trial and error. 
Keep facing wall after wall that I fail to climb. 
I lose focus at times. 

Hearing about tremendous struggles in Japan’s recovery, 
it makes me think how small whatever I could do will be. 
I self doubt. I lose confidence. 

When I got stuck, you were at the other side of the phone, 
trying to give me advice. 
Now is the time that your support is most needed 
but I will have to just struggle. 

But that’s the way you established yourself. 
Something else that I learnt from you, so I must carry on. 

Fresh buds on the cherry tree in front of the studio. Spring is here. 
There is so much to do. 
Now I will walk alone. A long long way. One step at a time. 
Remembering to be thankful each day. xm

11 March 2012

the light of hope

Exactly a year before today, I remembered that my mind completely lost function with the devastation in Japan. Since then, I have been thinking and participating in whatever I could do as a Japanese, including the fundraising project and visiting the town wiped out by the tsunami, which made me realise that they’re facing an unimaginable long road to recovery. 
It is vital to continue sending our love and support for those who face the hardship. It is important to keep the light of hope lit for the next generation. I believe that has to be done by us as adults. What an individual can do may be small, but together it become a big light of hope. 
Busy life has been holding me back but I have never forgotten. I will be starting again, HELP JAPAN PROJECT 2. Aiming to open this summer, with a completion of my degree. My support will be on-going. 

Please feel free to contact me if you are interested. x m