24 February 2013

pretty madness

I am currently working toward next big event in April, British Craft Trade Fair. BCTF is one of the biggest trade show in Britain established since 1977, where over 500 exhibitors showcasing their ‘Made in Britain’ products to the professional buyers. I am delighted to be a part of this show as a new comer among many established artists and makers, but the pressure is paramount. I’ve experienced BCTF during my degree study and I found it quite daunting. As this is trade only and not really open to the general public, the atmosphere can be tense. What if no one shows any interests and being stood there for three days twiddling my thumb? Such worry popping into my head now and again. 

I wanted to make the range of work wider, but there was too little time to develop, after all I could not manage to extend much since last year. Reviewing prices a number of times. Sorting out my marketing materials and literature, photos to take, more documents to prep, website to complete etc. Planning a display is the hardest one. To make a small cubicle attractive, inviting and professional. To bring the feel to match my work, which hopefully helps finding my niche audience. Yet, I cannot spend huge resources on this and need to consider within my capability. Over the last few weeks, many many sketches and ideas have come and gone. I am still drawing. Only a month to go. Pretty madness is this. 

Only one benefit is that luckily I live very local to the venue. Some are coming a long way. Any last minute hiccups, I may still be able to sort out. (Well, I hope…) And the good news is that an image of my porcelain lilypad has appeared on their invitations and the advertisement in the latest issue of Ceramic Review magazine! I am very flattered. 

Anyway, unless you try it you will never know what may happen next. So fingers crossed for all being good. xm 

20 February 2013

18 February 2013

new rakugaki

just out of bisque firing. ready for glazing tomorrow. xm

8 February 2013

scissors and slip

new work in progress 
mess in progress

simply cut out newspaper as i feel like and stencil with slip. this very old fashioned way of decorating gives me quite a buzz rather than painting. xm

3 February 2013

Mark Hearld workshop

one of Mark’s recent work showcased at YSP

Yesterday my friend and I went to Yorkshire Sculpture Park to attend Mark Hearld’s workshop. “Different ways to look at paper”, as the title of the workshop, it was a wonderful session of collage making. As he said, it was about a spontaneous and flexible way to use paper and scissors to create your image on 2D. The workshop was chock full of interesting view points and an insight of him, and we thoroughly enjoyed it. 

YSP has spectacular surroundings (if you haven’t been, you must!) and gave me lots of ideas. We walked with Mark listening to some of his inspirations, followed by watching his demo, then it’s our turn to get mucked in! I made geese around a small river with oak forages and reeds. It was a good fun. What do you think?

His current exhibition “Birds and Beasts” at YSP opens till 17th February. Well worth visit! xm