18 March 2017

Clay College Stoke donation

Hello everyone. Today I donated one of my small porcelain lilypad (as pictured) for the fundraising auction towards Clay College Stoke, which was aiming to be opened this September. As you may know, sadly so many pottery courses were closed down in UK today, hence most of colleges have lost “hands-on” teaching method as they are more focusing on “concept” or simply destroyed “arts & crafts” departments from education as they were considered as “not important” in our life! Well, it is of course! 

Clay College will be a great opportunity to train required skills to a professional level. In order to keep our craftsmanship, those skills and knowledge need to be passed on to next generations now more than ever. (If I were younger with no baby, I would love to apply!) 

If you are interested in bidding, not necessarily my work but also there are so many wonderful work in this site, or even just to donate £10 or so, please go and check out the Facebook group called, Potters For Clay College (Pot Auction). Auction will run up to 10th April. 

Thank you so much for reading!  m x