10 November 2015

Smile Maker of the Week #12

“let me hold it!” 
I couldn’t get my daughter’s hand off. 
Not surprised, because they are sooooo cute! 

Lovely three angels arrived from the Netherlands, made by Sarah Michael

I first met Sarah via my late mentor David. After then, she kindly invited me to exhibit in Clay 2 Day,  Ceramic festival in the Netherland that she runs. 
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Just like Sarah herself, her work are always bright and colourful, joy to see and makes you smile. These angels are super cute and I love how she decorated them. Every Christmas, we purchase one new bauble, and we enjoy display them together each year. This year’s bauble got to be Sarah’s angel, I thought as soon as I found them in her site. But we ordered three angels to imitate us as family, and she selected three different sizes for us. Aren’t they look great together? We love them. Thank you so much, Sarah.

Sadly, Sarah lately lost her dearest friend by cancer. The idea of making angels came from her friend. 3 Euro of angel is going to be donated to Cancer Research. If you would like to see more details, please go to her site; here. xm