26 November 2011


It’s nearly the end of November. This is so unreal! I have lost a track of time completely. Thank you so much for many kind words on tribute to David and those who replied to my dissertation questionnaire. How could I manage without your support?? I really do not know. It's been a rather hard and emotional time for me, but also helped me reflect on my life and what I must do to move forward. So thanks again everyone. In the next post, I will announce the winner of my christmas gift prize draw from those who kindly participated to my questionnaire, so please do pop back!

Here are a bit of catching up of this month…

FLARE in earlier this month went well. It is always nice listening to people’s feedback. Many thanks to K for the beautiful scarf :) 

Adam Frew came to our college to do a demonstration. You just cannot take your eyes off his stunning work (and gorgeous Adam)! 

Dissertation is currently overtaking everything, but in between the nightmare of 'reading English books', I have also been busy experimenting for new work, which are gradually building up the forms, so have a peek...

Wrap up warm, folks! x maki

11 November 2011

Tribute to David

The last few weeks have been the most difficult and saddest time in my life. Everything else instantly had gone out of window. At first I did not know whether I should be back to my blog or not, but I have decided to write this post respectfully to the wider audience for someone who truly deserves to be known. 
My mentor David Constantine White died on 27th October after fighting with cancer. David and I both knew this day would come, but I never expected it so soon. 
I wrote about him this summer in my blog (here and here, or click label under 'mentor') with his kind permission to do so, although I did not mention his illness at that time and obviously I did not wish to publicise that way. I returned to work with him this summer, as I wanted to support him as much as possible. David had full of upcoming ideas and worked soulfully, literally non stop, despite his condition and regular hospital visits. 
This Tuesday was his wake. It was a wonderful and very unique ceremony full of love and respect. (Sad to say this, but it was the best and the most beautiful funeral I have ever been to and I am sure David would have loved it.) To make this happen for David, I would love to say a huge thank you to Tim and Sarah, Tim and Katherine, Dorothy and Ian, who all did tremendous jobs and also supported me going through this sad time. I was asked to ‘man’ his workshop for the visitors prior to the funeral, which was very emotional yet such an honorable task to me. So many potters across the UK and beyond came over, as well as many of his local friends, which revealed how wonderful the man was to all. It was sad that I have finally just met those people at this occasion after knowing him for 11 years. 
As David had wished, a bursary will be established in his name, to support others to benefit from his inspiration. Information will be followed. (n.b. link - discontinued) 
To me, David was soulful, warm-hearted, eccentric, mysterious and patient man, and above all a strong fighter. I read my last words to David at the memorial, with a brave face on, although I was shaking, I did not cry any more. Many kindly came and spoke to me afterward to share their thoughts. I hope David liked it too. 
Please allow me to share the last part of my words here, that would hopefully help me stay strong. Love to you all. Love to David. x maki 

. . . I miss you David.
Your big hands. Your smile. Your yelling voice. Your humming voice.
Your sense of humour. Your laughter. Your whistling singing to the Archers.
Iʼve tried to recall everything of you, but I canʼt find them all with my tears.
I feel like a ship that lost an anchor.
But from this day, I will shift this sadness into my courage.
Otherwise, I guess you would yell at me again, saying ʻjust get on with it.ʼ
You were and always will be my mentor, my life teacher and my friend.
I will carry your soul with me forever.
I will carry your spirit with me forever.
Thank you for everything you did to me.
Hope you find your dad and no more sad winter.
May you rest in peace.