12 August 2012

off to Japan!

After very long wet weather, we are finally having a good British summer. It seems rather silly leaving this and heading to much much hotter and humid summer in a way… Nevertheless, I am soooooooooooooo looking forward to seeing my folks in Japan. Only one more night to sleep. Can't wait!!!

During our stay, we will be visiting Minamisanriku-Cho to conclude my HELP JAPAN PROJECT 2. Will let you know the result in this blog hopefully soon. 

Enjoy your summer wherever you are, whatever you do. See you all soon xm

7 August 2012

POTFEST in the Pens

Back from my first three-day ceramic show POTFEST in the Pens. Sunday was pouring down but we were safe under the roof of the cow shed! Great to be part of the show, having met many other potters and makers, and of course new customers. Despite this ongoing recession, luckily I have sold from all of my four different series of work, which was one of my aims. Thank you for those who came over. Here are some images from the show for you. Hope you like them. (click image to enlarge)
I'm still smiling on the day one, not experiencing leg ache (yet!)
new range of "hanetsubo" & "rakugaki
"mazekoze" had good sales :) 
porcelain lilypad received many good feedback.

The organaiser Geoff & Chris Cox kindly allowed me to hold HELP JAPAN Project within my stall. There were many generous visitors who contributed to help Japan. 

There also was a kids workshop run by the uni students, which was linked to my project by making birds to support the town. Their birds in their hands were photographed and will be sent to school in the town to show their support. Awesome! 

I did not have enough chance to go round each stall, but managed to speak to some artists, sharing their experience of the show and advice. Thank you so much and very very nice to meet you, Amanda, Charlotte, Sue and Lindsay

POTFEST showcases over 100 potters work including those from other countries. Fumihiro Fuyushiba, a Japanese potter based in Yokaichi has been taken part for many years. I felt privileged to speak to such a veteran potter like him and shared some time. Thank you Fuyushiba-san. 

There were so much to learn and so much to catch up post POTFEST. I would certainly like to come back to the show. If you have missed this year, hope you can come next summer! xm