25 February 2017

February round up

It’s nearly the end of February and I have not written one single blog post this month, so here is a bit of round up. 

Well, life has been busy as always, like everybody else with children, juggling your working days, house, kids and your own creative work, which for me is something has been left to the minimum at the moment unfortunately. Nevertheless, I have been working in the studio one day a week, practicing and refining the existing design of my work to make them more economical and effective to the time I can have now. Designs are now much more simple but still individual as “rakugaki” (spontaneous doodling) originally means. I hope you like my new larger size of mugs and side plates. It is still challenging to refine your skills within a limited time but I do enjoy a lot. 
(more work can be seen in my Instagram and Facebook)

As for my ever growing girl, things are brilliant health wise, all doing so well. Her speech is coming along so fast, in English of course but also in Japanese, which she has never been that pushed but seems to be soaking up so quickly! 

cardboard box is the best!
Keeping her occupied all day is a hard work for mum but I am also learning how to make your day best each day, by listening to her coming out with lots of affectionate expressions and her own story telling. It is such a magical time of her life, I must say. And of course, for me too. 

Spring is almost here. I can’t wait to see those bulbs to bloom! m x