29 May 2012

a new start

Lately I visited Gordon Baldwin’s exhibition and joined Jackie Lunn’s felt workshop.
It was rather luxurious and relaxed time that I haven’t had for a long time, without thinking about the assignment in the back of my head! Great feeling. Good break. Totally refleshed. Now back to work in the studio. A new start has just begun. xm

22 May 2012

BA Final Show is up and running!

A three year madness of juggling degree study and work has finally come to an end. The BA Final Show last night was absolutely brilliant with lots of people turning up. Thank you for those who came along (some came quite a long way so thank you!) and it was lovely to see you all. Here are images of my work prior to the opening night. Hope you enjoy! 

I have displayed three themed pieces. 
Firstly my hand-thrown porcelain lights and collage, The Light of Hope

The Light of Hope
Since Japan’s earthquake and Fukushima nuclear power plant accident, my mind kept coming back to the issue of the devastation and struggle to recovery. I wanted to reflect through my work, how to send my message to the people over here as well as to the next generation in Japan. The application of collage was aimed to raise awareness but in a positive way to strive toward the future. (You can see the process here) The detail of light indicates thousand of tear drops shed last year echoing the typographical message behind. Alongside with this display, I have introduced my forthcoming fundraising HELP JAPAN PROJECT 2, which will be starting from this blog soon. (the previous one can be viewed on a video from here)

* * * * * * *
Next display is Mazekoze, my newest series of thrown and hand-built tableware. 
I worked on this for quite a long time, particularly researching and testing a huge number of glazes to get this opacity, texture and colours, without relying on commercial colourants but purely natural oxides. Mazekoze means “mixing up” in Japanese, which I focused on the sense of joy by mixing different shapes, sizes, surface design and colours as if they can create new patterns on the table. Also in order to present my view point of domestic ware, I have provided promotional posters in screen print and portfolio. (you can see the process here) Hope people can enjoy domestic ware more!?

* * * * * * *
Finally my porcelain lilypad installation. These were showcased back in February elsewhere. (you can view more here)

The show is up until 20th June. If you’re coming to Yorkshire, please do call at Harrogate College. xm 

18 May 2012

final show prep #2

Doodle. Cook. Style and Shoot. These activities are fun but time consuming. Hopefully it would be worth having this promotional portfolio done to go with my display. 2 days to go!  xm

15 May 2012

final show prep #1

It’s been busy preparing for the final show this week. I have provided three series of work and these images are one of them… 

The show starts next Monday. If you are local and would like to come for the open night, please contact me. I will email you an invite. xm 

10 May 2012

keep calm (if you can)

Are you calm and collective? I am not and was certainly not last night. 
The final show is only a week away and I was about to do last firing… then a kiln element has snapped whilst I was stupidly trying to fix it! 
OH NO, NOT NOW! (not now, not now, not now….. (echoing) 
Could not get through to the kiln man in the evening or no time to carry fragile glazed work to college, and show prep is next week... so I just panicked. Never touch the element. I then remembered that someone told me so a long ago... After some time of manic period, found this useful site (here) and managed to fix it temporarily. Yet having concerned of the accuracy of the temperature when firing with this state, had to ring the kiln man today for his advice. Back home from work, managed to pack the kiln and on baking now with fingers crossed. Phew...

Since my neighbours must have heard my scream so much last night, I can't no longer hide my nature. That famous slogan has to be altered. Thank god for vanilla slice, my fav sweet darling helps me keep calm and stable!? xm