29 February 2012

exhibition quick peek

The exhibition last weekend went very well. It had a good turn out and many positive feedback. Thank you for those who came along. Here are some images of my work - an installation of porcelain lilypads and a film projected onto muslin screen...

For those who may be interested, this is a brief background. This exhibition was one assignment of my degree study, which was to work in collaboration with a local art dealer and gallery owner. The project was to make work in response to the wonderful 1820 Georgian house where he and his family live. 

I focused on two aspects of the house that fascinated me from my initial visit; one is a story of a fish pond, and other is beautiful patterns throughout the house. It was explained that the state of house & garden was quite run down when he first bought it. Due to over grown plants, he did not even realise there was a fish pond in the garden first, then he even found a fish ALIVE! (and still is today!) No one knows how long this fish has been living there, to which I thought the fish may have never seen any light. I was instantly intrigued by the story and made a short film about fish point of view. Similarly, as the restoration continued, the beautiful original feature of the house appeared, such as floor tiles and wall paper. Both fish pond and those patterns were undiscovered and untouched for a long time. I felt a sense of revealing ‘hidden beauty’ in both elements, which is what my work is all about. 
Those lilypads are all in unglazed porcelain, which I have never worked with before, certainly not thrown. It was quite a challenge for me, but enjoyed a whole new experience. Screen print design was all hand-drawn first. (you can see the process here) My favourite was pierced ones. (you can see the process here

Hope you enjoyed. (and so did a dog!?) x m

24 February 2012

quite a journey...

it’s been quite a journey
 so many trial
 and error
 right in the middle of academic horror
 just wanted to hide sometime
but finally...

Dissertation is done! 
Exhibition work is up! 
What a relief! 

more images of the exhibition will soon be followed... m x

10 February 2012

an exhibition on its way!

So it went on the front page of the weekender in today’s local newspaper. To find out what it is about, click-open the image in new window to enlarge, or you can read from here.

If you are local, please do pop over. The exhibition is open to public at 16 Cold Bath Road, Harrogate, North Yorskhire, HG2 0NA on Saturday 25th February 11am - 5pm and Sunday 26th 1- 4pm. (I will be down there on Saturday till 2pm.) Fingers crossed for all going well! xm 

5 February 2012

winter goes round

The weather forecast in Britain is a little hit and miss, but it did snow after all. Unlike my step-son who dashed out to sledge with his mates early this morning, snuggling in bed was preferable. Start with a bowl of blueberry porridge and a drop of melted local honey. The studio was rather warm from the heat of firing last night (thank god). Checking the result of transfers that was rather a battle. It was half good and half not good. Must find out why the transfer decal keeps coming off on the edge. (any solutions welcome) Oh, winter heaven, winter hell…  xm