23 February 2011

simple pleasure

Day off from work and college today. Nice to have a Wednesday off because it’s our local market day. Nothing special, it’s a very old-fashioned typical English market but I enjoy coming out when I can. Being a part of the local life is simply satisfying for me. 
I made my favourite sweet potato and pumpkin soup for lunch. 
These giant dates were so yum. xm

22 February 2011

first firing

Result of first firing in a new kiln. The controller shown an error that was cooling too quickly. Noticed all wet work on the top shelf in the studio has dried up unevenly. Hot air seemed to be sucked into the small gap of the shed wall which has caused massive draught impact on the work. I had to seal the gap properly tonight. Ah, shed-studio haven... At least work inside the kiln was fine. Waiting to be decorated. xm

17 February 2011

new routine

I have decided to try a new routine in order to get myself in the studio everyday. As soon as I get back from work and college, I put my layers on and head straight in to the studio for at least an hour or so before doing any house choirs and all the other stuff. If time allowed, I go back later on to continue working. It is hard to motivate myself to handle an ice-cold bucket of water in the evening, but so far this routine seems working ok for me and my family, including a hungry teenage step-son (well, giving him a bit of free time on a computer seems working?) Anyway soon it will be Spring...
These are waiting to go inside a brand new kiln this weekend :) xm

9 February 2011

studio view

Course work is taking over my life. Research, dissertations and more dissertations. I suffer when writings take my time away from the studio. But I will not be defeated. xm

6 February 2011

smile maker of the week #2

An exciting post from the Netherlands has arrived. Anja Mulder’s postcards. Totally smile maker of the week! They are utterly purely truly inspirational. I love the way she styles and photographs. Much influenced me since I found her blog that has spoken to my heart without the words (literally).  xm

1 February 2011

yellow love

At the moment, I am so in love with this new yellow mate. Got this on sale. (only fiver!) Just in time for a new semester, he brightens me up when I write my journal. xm