12 January 2018

Goals for 2018

We are back home safely from Japan. My girl has returned to school and our routine has gone back to our usual, but my body clock has been behind the routine from travel fatigue, hence it took me a while to write my blog post. How are you all? 

It was rather unexpected holiday that as my mum has gone ill during our stay I ended up looking after two of my loving people. Leaving my poorly mum behind is not easy, but I hear she is on a mend thankfully.

During flying back home, I was thinking about how I would like my 2018 to be. Without a doubt, “good health and well-being” is on the top of my list. Without it, I cannot make my work and be there for my family. It’s so simple but one of the most difficult goals to achieve for me. Taking my own time, especially for resting time has never been easy. I even feel guilty when I’m not working. So this year, I would like to look after my well-being more consciously and not to feel guilty for it. 

After our plane landed, I saw a woman struggling to sort out the buggy with one hand and other holding a little baby. Everyone was just walking pass. I instantly offered her a help and she asked me to hold her baby girl whilst she was sorting out the buggy. The moment I hold the baby, I felt warmth. My daughter looked at the little baby and told me that she used to be that small. She gently stroked the baby’s hair and smiled. The woman and I had a little chat and she thanked me with a somewhat relieved smile. It was a little precious moment that my girl and I shared because of helping this woman. 

When we don’t have time, we tend not to notice what’s around us. But if we can slow down a little bit, then we may be able to see what might be more important. We may be able to realise a sense of gratitude in our life.

So my goal in 2018 is “being gentle with yourself” and “being kind to others”.

Have you thought about your goal for this year? Would you like to share? Whatever that is, I hope you had a good start to the new year. 

1 January 2018

A Happy New Year

Thank you so much for visiting my blog, all your likes and comments in 2017. It was certainly a year of big changes for me as I became sorely self-employed and full-time in my studio work. Also having seen my little girl starting her school, after years of difficulties in her medical health, it was an emotional year. I’ve shared my story from time to time, and it was great to receive your kind messages, which have been truly encouraging and helped me get through. I cannot thank you enough for that.

Here to your happy and healthy 2018!

Talking about a new year, me and my girl are now in Japan, spending some time with my family. 

Maki x