22 July 2015

waiting game

Last month we finally met the surgeon who is going to proceed Sabrina’s open heart surgery. Since then she is on his waiting list and the operation was expected to be by mid July. Time is slowly passing with no phone call. Still waiting. In order to avoid catching any infection from others, she has to be pulled out from the nursery earlier than the op date. So I had to take time off work (pre op + hospitalisation + post op care at home = 9 weeks), of course with no salary yet the nursery fees still needed to be paid to some extent to keep her place. It’s already been three weeks. After all this was an “estimated” time. It could’ve been easier if we just take time off after the notification, but they could even ring us with 24 hour notice, so we had to go with guessing. It is rather frustrating and difficult time for me.

Keeping an active two year old as busy as possible during the day (so that she can (we can) have a good night sleep!), I have been taking her out to play outdoor. Unfortunately almost everywhere she can play and run around safely are full of children, even more so now with summer holiday. So early morning play at the park before anyone arrives has become my daily routine. Our garden is a savour if the weather is nice. If not, bad luck mummy, needs an early night! I take my hat off to full-time mothers.

At the end of the day, I guess this is the ultimate “mother and daughter time” for us that won’t happen once she’s grown up, so I’ll make the most of it and continue waiting. x m 

6 July 2015

guess who's two?

Finally lovely summer is here. Sabrina has just turned two. I know this is cliche to say this but tooooooo fast! Thanks to her big sister and big brother for baking the wonderful ‘anpanman’ birthday cake. I guess it’s time for me to start learning a bit of baking before she says “how come you never bake anything for me?” Her current favourite word is “No!”. Welcome terrible twos. Happy birthday my darling babe. x m