25 January 2012

fish point of view

I’ve never read so many books at once and written this long in English, probably not even in Japanese, and let me tell you, IT WAS BL • • • Y HARD. Nevertheless, a full draft of dissertation is finally done. Just about to review it through. Phew... 
Haven’t been making anything for ages, but it’s time to start again. Work for my next assignment - one day exhibition at the local gallery - is about to shape. xm

20 January 2012

winter magic

i really cannot thank enough for your kind messages on the previous post. 

your support does help me so much right now. 

a huge thank you from the bottom of my heart. 

and these are for you. 

have a lovely winterly weekend. xm

14 January 2012

frosty morning

How are you all? Here in North Yorkshire, we had a very cold but fresh morning. Regardless what’s happening outside, I am suffering from never experienced amount of stress, multiple pressures and worries over my study, work, career, family issues all at once for some reasons. At the same time, I am embarrassed to say this, as I know there are so many people who suffers more and would be glad to replace with me. How do we all cope? Taking one thing out of them seems to be not an option. Giving myself tap on my back. Nearly there, don’t give up. Occasional doodling is a wee bit of help for now... 

4 January 2012