22 January 2013

white light

spring is still quite a while away. 
want to feel just a little bit inside.

17 January 2013

Made with Love exhibition

I am delighted to inform you that my 'hanetsubo' range is taking part of the front house exhibition ‘Made with Love’ at prestigious Craft Centre and Design Gallery in Leeds. The exhibition showcases jewellery, ceramics and work in mixed media by many wonderful artists. It starts this Saturday19th January and opens until 16th March. For more information, please click here. Hope you can make it. xm

14 January 2013

slow motion

The most of the UK had snow today. The studio (shed) temperature won’t go up much even though the gas stove is set on full power. Putting a plenty of layered cloths on, I try to finish off a turning job but clay is too wet to do so. Instead I am literally just watching clay to dry. Used to like a snowy day when I was a kid. It is rather problematic when I face a deadline. xm

10 January 2013

magic rug

we have bought this rug (i call it magic rug) ages ago for the specific room, but it is still wrapped in a roll ever since. this is because that specific room was supposed to be renovated, but the things happened one to another as you know and we have been postponing this plan. doing up your house is such a long term process. nevertheless we are finally doing this room this year. yes, this year! (not sure when) i am already excited about getting this magic rug out there once day soon (maybe soon?) xm 

6 January 2013

happy 2013

it cannot be missed on a new year's day. 
(can you tell what it is?)

i hope 2013 is a good year for you.