16 June 2010


blue sky and my studio-to-be

Hi there! Hope you are having a good week. Here in North Yorkshire, the weather has been so far super fantastic! Blue sky, fresh breeze and birds singing. I love English summer because I can enjoy the lovely sun light until late evening. This is one of the things I never experienced when I was in Japan.
So, what I have been up to in this weather when I got back form work? Building on my studio(to-be). Yes, more physical work! But I enjoyed it. I must have got such a positive energy at the moment. And I’m loving it! (I do Karate by the way so I have stamina!)

Just thought I’d add this photo that my husband took in our garden yesterday. A little squirrel. Our neighbor has got a huge conifer tree in their garden and we think lots of animals and birds live in there. We had a pair of squirrels kept coming to our decking since we dropped a few peanuts. We only did it occasionally as I felt against their nature (although they must be used to the town people here and are usually “stealing” bird seeds!) They often don’t eat them straight away but hid at different locations for eating them later. Half year on, the pair must got two babies, and this is one of them. Really makes me smile!

Tomorrow morning, I will be opening a kiln to check out the piece that I was working on with art-makers at work. Hopefully I can show you the result. Fingers crossed.


  1. Wishing you a lovely Summer! I have lived in England many years, and I do so miss it. Love the wee squirrel *heart!* Here we see lots of lizards, and as great as they are, they are definitely NOT cute :)

  2. Same to you! Lizard..nice! p.s.Your blanket is super-gorgeous!