17 June 2010

the result!

Back to work and opened a kiln this morning. Here is the result of our project with art-makers. This is a ceramic sundial in a shape of sunflower that we are going to give to a local children’s centre. We all are happy with the result. Hope they will like it, too!

This was the second group project that my workshop guys contributed. This time last year I was in charge of another big sculpture project - making a giant ceramic teapot! The local National Trust requested us to do in three months. Oh, it was such a fun (although I was under the pressure towards the deadline!) I share some images here.

sculpture skelton arrived - metal work by a local black smith

mini me running around a giant teapot to assemble pieces
prior to the dead line

we made hundreds of miniature cups and saucers to decorate!!
everything was handmade at Henshaws

then dismantled, wrapped and moved a house....

reassembled at site again then open ceremony! ta-ta!

completed work at the site. visitors enjoying the touch!

More detailed article about this was featured in Ceramic Review magazine issue 240. The teapot sculpture is located at National Trust Beningbrough Hall, which is absolutely worth visiting place. So check it out!


  1. What a great project to work on. I love the teapot!! Stunning!

  2. Hi Maki, Its nice to meet you via the flying class. I love the sundial and the teapot is fantastic, wow!! Wishing you a wonderful weekend :)

  3. Hi Onneke and wini. Pleased you liked them. Yes the project work is such fun (as long as you have enough time the till dead line or NO dead line!!) x m

  4. Hi Maki,
    So nice to meet you via flight lessons. Love your work!

  5. What a fantastic project! Lovely artwork~ I am from flying lessons too. Have a wonderful weekend~Theresa

  6. Hi Laura, Theresa. Thank you for commenting. Let's keep "flying" xm

  7. Truly divine...and love all those individual, very handmade cups and saucers.