22 March 2015

smile maker of the week #11

Utterly beautiful wooden cutlery set for children called “co-zen” has arrived from Japan. They are all hand crafted one by one and treated with lacquer in a traditional way by a master of NUSHISA. I was drawn to the design at the first sight, but felt a little hesitant to let my daughter use such prestigious ware. Nevertheless, when she started to use a spoon well enough to eat by herself, I thought she might enjoy meal time more with them, so I revisited NUSHISA’s site. 

What I then realised was that it was not just a design that co-zen was all about, there were so much more than that. The quality of wood and tradition were pursued precisely because for children, being able to learn to appreciate good things in this ‘throw away’ society. I agreed with the motto and I thought by familiarising the quality of material on a daily basis, she might be able to understand the importance (and joy of course!) of family meal time, too. 

I am 100% happy that I bought them now. Sabrina herself, too, seems to be pleased with her new spoon. It’s so light, that may sound obvious as it’s made out of wood, but so much lighter than any children’s stainless steel spoon with a plastic handle, yet it is durable. She’s got better at scooping food and bringing into her mouth. Well, it would be nice if she quits being a fussy eater, as well!? 

Why not visit NUSHISA for finding more beautiful work? xm