18 June 2010

a nice cup of CHA!

Hello! It’s Friday evening! Since I started a blog, I began rather spending more evening time with my laptop than my darling husband... so I have decided not to blog on Friday evening at least. However, with his much loving understanding, I just wanted to share my happiness.

HANETSUBO - My winged teacups went to sweet home today! As the show ended yesterday, a lady who was interested to buy them kindly came to my work to collect the items. She is a printmaker and I love her stuff (sorry I can’t show here as she hasn’t got online site yet). I recently bought two of her prints so my pocket money in total actually gone minus, but I LOVE the feeling of someone loves to buy my work and truly enjoying the experience.

I got one "glaze sample" pot back and had a lovely cup of tea on my return home. Then I suddenly remembered my friend asking me about “how to drink in Japanese way” (I commented in this post). He specifically asked about my mother (!) but this is MY version of drinking a cup of CHA (tea) in my winged pot. Enjoy!

one hand on foot, other hand on the side to support
(in this cup, under the wings)

lift the bottom and drink

say “Ahhhhhhhh nice cup of CHA!”

Have a lovely weekend, everyone!


  1. So lovely to see you in action with your winged cup.

  2. Hey Makiko! Congratulations on starting your blog. Shin shin - what a great name. Look forward to seeing how it grows... I love your post on tea. I wrote one recently on the debate about to drink tea the English way - you might like it!

    Right, now I have to start a Japanese blog soon...


  3. what a beautiful cup! Think I might go make a cup of tea now :)

  4. Thank you everyone. Beth I've left my thought on tea on your page too.
    I am rather missing the colours since I saw your work, Loretta. Absolute beauty!