23 June 2010

seriously cute x

Here is my AWWWWWWW factor of the week.
The weather has been superb for weeks now. After work, I have been busy at garden and working on my studio-to-be to make the most of a day like this. (you know what English weather can be like!) Anyway I just have to put these photos of our garden friends because they're SERIOUSLY CUTE!

The squirrels babies that I was talking about! One at the decking (in cheeky pose) and other one climbing out of our allotment, collecting their "hidden" food in his (or her) hand. (hope you can see). Little blackbird chick also around these days, too (above pic). They just tikle my heart. So, what is your AWWWWWWW factor?

just to add a bit from work. Art-makers have made ceramic garden candle stands. I put them together with bamboo stick to see how they look... here the result. I think they did a good job, don’t you think? I must get back to my own work soon, too!! No pressure then!?


  1. awww... i've never seen squirrel babies... lovely to have visitors like them! what are you growing in the garden?

  2. Not much at the mo. What you can see is Rooster Potato. Recently started two types of cabbages and courgets, hopefully will grow so we can consume....