29 November 2010

white canvas

I guess many people in the UK are writing about the snow today, and here I am too. It has arrived early this year. I simply love this natural beauty. I find it inspirational. Here are some photos from our garden and on the way to my work that I took this morning. 

BTW my first give away will be on the next post, so stay tuned!  xm 

26 November 2010

thought on the first snow

Yesterday, here in North Yorkshire we had first snow in this season. As I arrived at my work and looked through the small window within the dark workshop room, I decided to go out and shoot some images before my students arrived. I can still remember clearly that I was doing the similar thing at this time last year. Where the heck has the time gone??? Another year gone by. Time seems to be unforgiving the past few years. I am in the middle of the most manic part of my course work, prior to our group exhibition in the local town centre next week, all this interactive installation and expedition sort of wacky (well, meant to be!) event to the public. I really want to sink my head down in the cold snow if possible, that’s how I feel. Well, the good thing is that I had rather a good and productive year over all. So can’t be bad. Looks like we’re going to have more snow this weekend. Wrap up warm and have a lovely weekend, everyone. 
My first give away is coming soon! watch this space. xm

22 November 2010


Finally the date has come! Yesterday was my first ever public show FLARE. Despite the sleepless night, I somehow managed to prepare the display pretty smoothly. We had many visitors and I received lovely feedback from them. Thank you so much for those who came along. My aim on this occasion was to gain experience, "if I could cover the stand fee it would be ok" I thought. Fortunately I had good sales over all, plus a commission order and one shop was interested in having my work! How exciting! 
All of this began from here, this blog that I started in June. Without your encouragement and lovely messages, it wouldn’t have happened, so thank you soooooo much everyone. For return, I am thinking about a ‘give away’ before Christmas time. So watch this space. For now, here are some images of my stand at FLARE. Hope you like them. 
Thank you everyone! xm 

19 November 2010


An article about my work and FLARE appears in today’s local newspaper. No pressure for Sunday? (You can click the image and open bigger to read the article if you dare!) xm 

15 November 2010

me & mate

Although I am not superstitious, kind of like the idea of having a good luck charm. I reckon this is part of me being Japanese, having grown up with those from the shrines as we do. Obviously I no longer carry such a thing, but tend to ‘make up’ what suits me. For instance, a piece of terracotta leaf that my mentor made years ago. I started to place it in a kiln since I got my current job. Whether this is working or not, there haven’t been any problem with firing for the last two years, despite the risk that might have had with my students work. This terracotta leaf has gone really dark now and become an important good luck charm for firing. 
So I thought of taking a new good luck charm to the show and found this piece that I randomly made for the colour test. The test was not significant, but I liked his face so saved him. When I ‘place’ him on my finger, I felt like as if he was calling me. If he works, he is going to be the one. If not, hey ho, he can still be my mate. He may become a good use to speak to the visitors(?) You never know. xm 

10 November 2010

large platter

As soon as we returned from the weekend of karate training, my super busy course work days are back on the routine again. Without a proper recovery period, my head and body are still wee bit off the planet. I nearly dropped this large platter the other day. As it’s been saved, I may use the piece for a display at FLARE. A week to go. xm 

5 November 2010

tell us about your golden story

Thank you so much for 'get well soon' messages. I am much better now and ready for International Karate training down in London tomorrow! Before going away, here some gold stuff. Have a lovely weekend everyone. xm

3 November 2010

healing power

I was not too well last night and ended up taking time off work. This sickness bug forced me down to the bed all day. A bit frustrated because there are still so much to do before the show, but suppose I'm lucky that I got this now in a way, not on the day of the show. By the way, I received a post from my folks in Japan today, enclosed this beautiful drawing by my niece. She is so talented and look, the pot has wings on! This made me feel a little better already. xm