28 October 2010

cheese me tonight

because I like to have my own space (not with your gorgonzola). xm 

26 October 2010


working non stop for my course work, more research, more report and more...ah! so I had a little moment of happy doodling with a ceramic crayon. xm

22 October 2010

small wonderland wonderful

I have been meaning to post this animation clip by Japanese artist Keitaro Sugihara since I found it via my blog link. Kindly he’s replied to my email request so I’d like to share with you his awesome collage work. They are just adorable and would give you a big smile. 

The animation was collaborated with twin artists in London. (worth checking too!)
       music by Andrew Cross
       animation by Graham Cross

It has brought me back a joyful memory of when (this time in last year) I was making a narrative box, 'blue box and books' featured in here (have a peek if you haven's seen it). It made me feel like trying another mix media work or something kinetic again... :) xm

18 October 2010


5 weeks to go. Must admit it has been quite stressful working toward the target alongside the course assignments, day job, house chores and all the other stuff, but just started to see my first goal a little clearer. I wonder how on earth the other people do manage juggling them all. Certainly it’s been a huge learning curve to me, leaving lots of questions and action plans. I am still making some stuff and testing colours etc, but as for colours I have miserably failed the test so this will have to leave to the next opportunity. 
Anyway, about 1/3 of these HANETSUBO work will have ‘gold’ wings in coming week. Now I need to link to my course work too, by sorting out the marketing materials, packaging, portfolio, presentation and the most difficult horror - pricing. Help! xm 

17 October 2010

pie season

my hub and step son made us a pie from apples from our garden. we are going to eat this after tea. yum! xm

14 October 2010

random inspirations of the week

tones, textures, patterns, lines and all goodies I saw this week, including Sam Hall's ceramics, Kate Heshan's collage, my nephew’s drawing, plaster wall and a vintage glass jug. xm

11 October 2010


HANETSUBO candle & incense holders on their way. Hope they can find a new home soon. xm

8 October 2010

B♡DAY treat

Had my birthday this week. To be honest I am no longer bothered about such a thing of mine, (nearly counting down to 40!) but I must say I was spoilt a big time with lovely gifts, especially by my best friend ‘Ms. Sunshine-Smile’. (won’t say her name here just in case) Ms. Sunshine-Smile and I went to a vintage show earlier this year and found those beautiful colours of ceramic set. I was delighted for my find but didn’t buy them. Then she kindly kept them for me until my birthday and ta-da! How sweet! 
They come with six colours of cups & saucers, side plates 
(mmm more cakes!) 
and pretty linen mats & napkins to colour coordinate! 
Not just that. Take a look at the details. Those embroidered tulips are actually pocket and can insert the napkin! Aww...... :) 
My hub thinks they are ‘tat’ but I adore them! 
Thank you so much Ms. Sunshine Smile! 
P.S. My step son draw ‘me potting angels’ inside the card - ACE! 

GUESS what my hub got me? 
For my future website, he said. Gosh, would take me forever! Love you darling, though.  Thank you folks and those who gave me birthday wishes. I AM a very lucky one.
Have a lovely weekend, everyone! xm 

6 October 2010

counting down

FLARE’s leaflet out. They’ve kindly put my HANETSUBO on the front page. My first ever public show it is. Only 6 weeks to go. No pressure then?! 
I will be showcasing my work at Ripley Town Hall on Sunday 21st November, but the event runs on three Sundays at different location within North Yorkshire. If you are free and in this area, please come and have a look. xm 

4 October 2010

LONDON LOVE 4/4 because: I can hide in V&A

Wonderful porcelain installation by Edmund de Wall

As we all know, London has numbers of museums. I suppose it is nice to be able to wonder around in the massive space for free (often), but can also be tiring by numbers of tourists. Nevertheless, (I am also a tourist in a way anyway) I do like Victoria & Albert Museum. Whilst most of the visitors go straight to the main hall, I quickly take a small lift on the left, where many people won’t notice its existence. Up to the 6th floor, where I can have a peaceful rest myself among thousands of ceramic collections. Surprisingly this new section is rather quiet whenever I visited. It’s kind of hidden away from the rest of the museum and the quietness after long walk in the city is just what I need. 
This floor has lots that I could enjoy. From contemporary UK ceramicists’ work to my favourite 50’s Scandinavian ceramics. Listening to how Walter Keeler uses his tools. Watching a video scene of Dame Lucie Rie being stuck in a kiln upside down whilst Sir David Attenborough trying to hold her legs. For those who are not familier with the ceramic work, there is a line of visual & tactile guide, which is really easy to understand. Last time I visited, I could even talk to Stephen Dixon, who was an artist in resident. The collections do not much change as opposed to trendy exhibitions do, but that actually allows me to slow down the pace there and yet I still find something new. That sort of place and I love it. 
my Scandinavian hero, Stig Lindburg’s hand-painted plate (1942)

Thank you for visiting. Hope you enjoyed a bit of my LONDON views. If you have missed some, you can scroll down four previous posts. There are lots of artists' link you may find inspiring. xm 

3 October 2010

LONDON LOVE 3/4 because: the street is calling

street made by Victor Stuart Graham

Street markets. Another great reason of what I love about London. My aim on last Sunday was Colombia Road. Famous with the fabulous flower market but what makes more special about this street is not just the flower stalls but what’s going on behind them. So many gorgeous shops, galleries and cafes are lined up, opening just for the weekends. I had a great wonder with my friend (who bought a beautiful bunch of peonies... envy! Only Londoners can do this!). Here are some of my favourites. 
No.158 Jessie Chorley & Buddug 
Jessie produces quirky arts using wires, textiles and all fancy handmade stuff. Her shop also can be seen in this blog
No.152 Openhouse
Lots of garden & interior furniture and antiques. If you’re into bird cages and smoky colours, you would love this space. 

No.126 Ryantown
Paper-cut artist Rob Ryan’s shop. His breath-taking superb work with sweet stories he 'cuts' - simply you cannot miss! 
Absolutely jam packed with gorgeous vintage stuff from ceramics to linens. At the back there is a small cafe space which will take you a nostalgic journey. Literally heaven! 

is a small yard connected to Colombia Road and packed with vintage stalls and shops selling wacky lights and chairs. All worth looking. 
Happy Sunday everyone! xm

2 October 2010

LONDON LOVE 2/4 because: they shine

I visited Tent London, right next to Spitalfields market. Tent was a magical wonderland exhibiting wacky interior designs and furnitures, including fascinating graduates work from Kingston University. What I really liked in Tent was this interactive light called ‘oshibe’(stamen) by Tomomi Sayuda. It creates soothing sounds and lights when you place eggs, representing elements of life, and is different depending on the positions and numbers of the eggs. How cool is that!

Back at Origin, I met London based Japanese ceramicist Mizuyo Yamashita. Having been following her blog for sometime, I was pleased that I’ve finally viewed and touched her work first hand. You can simply adore her careful attention to the details. I loved this house candle holder with a moose printed inside. Now it brings us smiles day and night. 
Like Mizuyo and Tomomi, I've realised there were so many Japanese artists and makers both at Origin and Tent. Although I don’t like being biased to where people originally came from or where they are based, it was nice to see great numbers of people from my home country who have succeeded and blossomed. This is encouraging, because I could imagine those tough times they might have been through working in the foreign country. Whether it was a little or not, we could get isolated or knocked down by the huge language and cultural walls at times. Looking back how hard it was for me, I sincerely admire their ambition and determination. And more so their creativity. They were shining in this massive city just like their work. xm

1 October 2010

LONDON LOVE 1/4 because: I ‘panda me’ home

Origin. The London Craft Fair showcasing over 200 makers work. One of the biggest reasons I visited London on this occasion. It was held at the new venue Spitalfields Market. (How awesome is that!) Under the great concept of ‘made not manufactured’ you can view so many amazing craft work that blow you away. Full of buzzing imagination. Truly inspirational. You can also get an exciting opportunity to speak to the makers and peek at their insight. I totally loved it.  

In particular, I was looking forward to seeing Claire Loder’s work. I love her unique and quirky way of sculpting faces in ceramics. It was the very first time for me to see her work in real life. Oh, what a sensation! Such a joy to imagine the story behind the individual pieces (faces :)) that look at you. I knew my budget was tight, but could not resist to take her home since my heart was stolen by this ‘panda me’ face. She now sits where I can see every morning and night at our home and gives us this irresistible eye contact. Go and see her website, a paradise full of characters! 
'panda me' by Claire Loder

Here is a link to view all makers information from this year’s Origin. I am sure you will find many artists work that you’d adore. If you ever have a chance to go next year, you know you cannot miss it! xm