6 June 2010

one step at a time

So here I am. This is totally new. I have been on "flying lessons" by wonderful US artist Kelly Rae Roberts for a week. This is e-learning course I enrolled for the first time in my life and so far sooooooooooo marvelous!

Up until now I wouldn't have dared starting a blog myself. I've even avoided the thought of it. Fear of stepping outside of my comfort zone. Fear of not being good enough to show myself to the world. Fear of comparison. My English, my work, my thought and feeling... who really cares? That was me. (probably still is) As much as I’d love to be creative and be honest to myself, I could not move forward for a long long time. But hey, someone out there (indeed, Kelly and all of those co-flyers) told me the truth. Everyone starts somewhere. Face your fear. Practice courage. You can do this by taking one step at a time... So I decided it's a time. Now I can say out-loud "Hello, me. I'm out here. This is my new start. This is the first page of my creative journey. It's going to be good."

By the way, I have been re-painting our staircases lately after all these re-painting after re-sanding...(long story) and I was desperate to complete this “task” as soon as possible. Just happen to be a perfect time, as we are about to go out for this weekend so I thought I could paint all at once and leave them to dry during our absence. Got everything we needed downstairs, here I go.. but my husband wanted me to paint alternative steps so that he could run upstairs just in case. Means that I need to do it again! A little hesitation but I followed his suggestion. After painting, I put post-its on those steps for him "just in case" he needs to access. He smiled. Then it clicked my heart. This is what I am going to do, isn't it? I will remember this bit. We both smiled and went out for the weekend away. (without him going back to the stairs except ME taking this photo)

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  1. hey maki...stairs look beeeeeautiful! have been thinkin of attempting this myself for years...the question is!!!!.....is it very noisy? dont want to upset my neighbours ; )
    love sj x