8 June 2010

end of year exhibition!

Tonight was an open evening of the end of year show of the course. It was really lovely. I am still feeling the buzz! First of all, thank you so much for people who came to our show. It was lovely to hear the comment to everyone's work. Also thank you for all of my co-students who are fantastically helpful eachother throughout the year. Without you, I couldn’t have done it! Here I would like to share some images of my work, which I photographed prior to the show. Hope you enjoy it!

The display looks like this. I have got this corner space for five of my works. This was my first opportunity to show what I made to the public (except photography I did in the past). So I was pretty nervous.

BLUE BOX & BOOKS: Chagall’s above the town REMIX
This was my very first assignment. It’s a narrative box with lots of zippers and buttons which allow you to open and follow the story. It contains a lid page, four detachable books (all 3D pop up), ceramic base page and final page, which is inside the box when opened as you can see here. It’s a bit difficult to see how it works, so I made a guidebook for the guest. I’m thinking of showing in a video but can’t do it until the show finished. I will hopefully show that in a few weeks time, so please do call back to view!

“KITCHEN” teacosy
Behind that, there are three tea cozies that I made out of hand-printed fabric, in which I designed in screen print. This was my first trial of screen print, so I was very chuffed about the result. I also did print on paper too.

This is the one of the two versions. I hand-drew the image of pots and pots and more pots..(Yes, I am a big POT LOVER!) like I did for fabric, and screen printed. Few people gave me positive comments on this printing. Thank you!!

HANETSUBO “yunomi” version
They are fairly recent ones. Been trying tableware with wings. (I love wings!) This is YUNOMI (Japanese tea cups) and I have been exploring this matt white glaze for a while, which I named it “February white” (as it had a good result in last Feb). My friend said they are pretty but it would be difficult to hold those wings as a handle of cup. Well, it’s actually not a handle because we don’t use a handle for drinking tea in Japan. So I shown him how I would hold this cup... then he asked me if he could see the real picture of my mum doing the same (how peculiar!), so that will be my next task! Anyway, someone really liked them and requested to buy them all! Can’t believe!!!

LUCH Bath ballistic angels
This was kind of the main work of the show I think. In this assignment, we had to promote an existing product. So I picked up LUSH and chosen “bath ballistic”. Just to note I made these all in ceramics and as for birdcage, it's plaster. It was last winter that I made these, and I used “bear” tree in winter as a blank canvas to display. It worked very well.
Just to add for this. I have got a short clip from when I displayed at outside of college. Video blurs a bit but it made them look like really flying!

Last year I had a fortunate opportunity to actually window-display them in our local LUSH store! This was just before the Christmas so it was such a lovely atmosphere. Great experience. The below is the photo of me displaying ceramic angels in LUSH window.

Thank you for watching. Right now I have got lots of ideas coming up in my head and can’t wait to go back to the studio in September. In the meantime, I will continue to work sock off to build my workshop. Slowly but surely... x M


  1. Bath ballistic angels は、面白いですね。ビデオ拝見しました。道路が雨でぬれているようですが、大丈夫でしたか?

  2. tajaさん、見ていただいてありがとうございます。エンジェルは荒土を高温で焼いてるので、北ヨークシャーの天候にも昨年の雪にも負けずに 作成以来現在もうちの庭の木に飛んでます。雨の中作業した私は散々でしたが...。

  3. いや、私が心配したのは、Body の部分です。見た目によるとLush のBath bomb をつかわれたようなので…

  4. あは、作品は全部ceramicで鳥かごはplasterでできています。見た目でBath bombに見えるのであれば、課題の狙いはとりあえずかなった訳で、うれしいわ。

  5. 安心しました。でも、おもしろいとおもいませんか?雨にぬれてひとつずつ、消えてなくなっていくところを想像するのは...ちょっと失礼だったかな?

  6. とんでもない!面白い発想はとっても勉強になります。tajaさんの豊かな想像力をちょっと分けていただいたみたいです。

  7. SUPER cute! I love that birdcage and the little "birdies" flying around it! Great start to your blog!!!

  8. Hi Maki,
    popping in from flying lessons :0)

    someone told me... that Japanese tea cups have no handle because... when the tea is too hot to hold the cup... it is too hot to drink... is that true?
    I thought it was very clever... because I love love love tea... and am sure I drink it way too hot...

    gorgeous winged cups,

    Denise xo


  9. Thank you Jen and Denise for popping over.
    Re; Japanese tea cups. Mmm I need to check it out for that, I'm not sure... Does anyone know? (how embarrasing I am!) I think as we used to use "tea bowl" for drinking tea in the past (equally no handle but bigger) I guess the size got smaller with the time? We DO drink hot tea actually. But tea cups usually have FOOT to support your finger tips so won't burn. For this winged cup, I hold it with one hand for the foot, other hand to support the side just under the wings. xm

  10. Anonymous16/6/10 01:36

    Congratulations on setting up your blog....YAY
    Im taking flying lessons too and I'm definitely becoming bolder. Great job with your bog and I LOVE the cups with wings... beautiful.

  11. Hello Maki,
    Congratulations on your blog...it's lovely! You inspired me to set up mine soon too.I have many sake and tea cups in my paintings...your cups with wings are beautiful. Wishing you all the best, a fellow flyer...

  12. Lovely! Good luck with the show. I especially love the cups with wings. If you create more and offer them for sale, I am interested. Your doodles on the college wall are fabulous! Cheers to your future, Maki. Your work is wonderful!