20 June 2010


I LOVE Fiona's most recent butterfly sculpture!

I went to visit local artists yesterday via North Yorkshire Open Studios (NYOS). This is an annual event that open to the public and a great opportunity to see artists, their work and studio directly. I actually didn’t know this scheme existed until this year and recently visited other artists in the similar event. Wow that was fantastic so I could not miss my LOCALS of course.

Spending the most of afternoon, I managed to view 7 artists. They are ceramicists, wire artist, painters etc etc. All unique and so inspirational. I enjoyed getting to know people and peeking their studios - this is a fun bit! Here I would like to introduce those inspiring artsts from near where I live. Please click the link so you can see the images of work and more information.

Fiona Mazza - She is a ceramic artist who mainly focus on butterflies images. Her work are absolute eye candy.

Chris Moss - Wire artist. Her studio and garden were packed with inspiration! She does animals mainly, and her hares in the garden were pure breath-taking.

Eric Moss - He does Raku ceramics and produces numbers of forms that beautifully combine each other, which somewhat reminds me of patterns in nature. He kindly shared me some techniques (which is another great part of open studio!)

Stephanie Black - I met Steph ten years ago when I first studied ceramics (and Yorkshire English!). She was already ahead of us and produced wonderfully thrown pieces. She creates fascinating surface texture on her work.

Charlotte Black - She is a painter who uses interesting materials on her work. Her abstract pieces show very subtle colours yet dynamic movement.

Christine Relton & Tom Marine - They have been collaboratively working together for the past 14 years. I love the way two artists put their spirits and stories together. When I heard how they produce the layers on canvas, I was utterly brown away. And the studio! Looove the space.

Splash of colours! Christine & Tom's beautiful studio

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