7 June 2010

screen print test tile

Just sorting out some test pieces that I did during this semester. This is one of the test tiles of my screen print design "kitchen". I printed the similar pattern on to fabric and made a tea cosy, which will be on the end of year exhibition on Tuesday. I am nervous but so excited!


  1. welcome to the blogosphere Makiko;)

  2. Dearest Makiko! Congratz on having a blog! Your space is just beautiful! Really clean, neat and your work is gorgeous!! So inspiring! I love this piece! Have a lovely merry happy day and love to yoU!

  3. hi, just wanted to say congrats on creating a blog! it's a BIG little step!
    I just did mine and like you— English isn't my first language, so writing doesn't come easy... we'll see what happens!
    Good luck to you and I love your Art!
    p.s. painting every other step just in case is so brilliant!!!

  4. Thank you for lovely comments. So encouraging! I feel I have had a good start so far because of you! So Thank you!

  5. Hi Maki,
    I just came in from Flying Lessons. Your blog is beautiful and so is the piece in the picture above.

    Congratulations on your one first step!

    Stephanie :)

  6. Thank you for dropping in Steph. Love what you says in your blog: simply being you. It is very important yet sometimes difficult for me, so I will defenately learn form you for that! x M