23 September 2012

think before you eat

Somewhat the last minute call I had earlier this week did not meet the expected temptation. Yorkshire Best today was not the best for me. In fact, many other stall holders said the same as there were not much footfall. The Hospitium, the building itself was a beautiful venue right next to Yorkshire museum. What a shame. It was the first event so I guess it was difficult. Oh well, lessons learnt. 

Nevertheless, I have made a good clear out of the old stocks, which is always good, because who wants to look at a pile of old work stuck in the studio for ages whilst trying to move forward? I also received kind contributions toward ongoing HELP JAPAN. Plus, I met a lovely customer who has been seeing my blog for two years! How sweet to meet someone like that! It was also great to meet other artists in person like Helen Peyton the printmaker, whose work I have adored for quite some time. (Check out her website here) Maybe not too bad after all? 

Back home, before preparing for the coming week, I had Julie’s homemade bakewell tart to cheer me up. Always nice to have a friend who can bake well. xm


  1. Hi Maki, I received your bird this week and I will post about it. It's so really lovely, and the attention to the tiniest details is delightful. Thank you so much for doing the Help Japan project. It is so beautiful and so meaningful.

    1. Thanks for letting me Annamaria. Glad the bird nests at a new home :)