13 September 2012

back to studio

My first day back work in the studio this week has started off with a beautiful Indian summer day. Outside was sun shining gorgeous weather and bumblebees being busy around blooming lavenders, but my North-facing studio (shed) was really cold. Now it all went back to normal English cold weather, the studio has become much colder. I mean, unbelievably unreasonably freezing cold for September. I put a down jacket on and forcefully ignored the gas heater I could see behind me. Not yet. If you have a nice bright warm studio, you are so lucky. I cannot even start to think about winter…. brrrrrr.

Anyway here are some snaps from the week. 

now i just want to eat jelly…  xm


  1. Jelly...but then you will need really cold ice cream too!

    Great pics and a great studio.

    1. Thank you Therese. Jelly or ice cream... I cannot choose!