9 September 2012

53 Degrees

Yesterday was the 53 Degrees exhibition opening. I haven’t had a chance to mention this in the blog up to now, but my lilypad installation was selected for this group exhibition at The New School House Galley in York. Remember last year’s show (click here)? I was delighted to be involved in this show again among such wonderful artists at such a beautiful gallery. 
my thrown-porcelain lilypad installation

And what’s more? My work has received “Highly Commended Award”!!!!  So so pleased with myself :) If you would like to see more details of this lilypad installation, please click here

I felt this year’s selection was a much higher standard and found so many great works. Here are some of my favourite pieces from the exhibition. 

“Repaired Ceramics” by 3rd Prize winner Nigel Matthews
really eye catching oil painting “Human Needs” by Bartosz Beda
I fell in love with this work at the first sight. “Traces” by Becky Gee
stunning Kumihimo silk thread “Flowing” by 2nd Prize winner Deborah Mills
look at this intricate skill! such work of art and I LOVE it!

The exhibition will be open until 27th October. If you have a chance to come to North Yorkshire, please do call in. (For direction, click here) Work are on sale there too! xm


  1. Well done on your award Makiko, your work is stunning. Shame I was unable to join in the fun and celebrations yesterday, I am hoping to make a visit to see everyone's work soon. Therese

    1. Thank you Therese. Nice to see your work this year too, in much larger scale!

  2. Congratulations (although I must say I'm not suprised :-)) !!