10 August 2010

wing matters

I am currently working on FLARE craft fair that will be held in November. It’s a crazy thought (well, was to me at least) whilst I’m on the course and day jobs and studio-less-situation. It was a pushing-to-my-aim-otherwise-never-happen sort of decision but I must tell you this, I am deeply in a panic mode. It’s counting down to 13 week left but I am not doing well as planned. It is hard enough to work under the gazebo and to carry green-stuff to a kiln located to miles away. Working on time?? Don’t ask...

Some of you might have noticed that I have a thing with “wings”- simply love them. I have been making some ceramics with wings and selfishly named them HANETSUBO (winged pots). Recently one of the HANETSUBO wing got broken, so re-considered the shape and how to attach to the body. Drawing (ok “doodling” rather) doesn’t come quite the same as working on clay. I was trying different shapes and methods but could not decide which way to go until the final glazing. Then got this problem with the glaze firing. Due to the situation, it cannot be done until next semester starts. In the meantime, I just look at those half-finished pots hopelessly... But you know what? I may just try several types of wings anyway so that people may choose what is the best. I may just keep making them without worrying too much. At the end of the day this was supposed to be the first “have-a-go” event. So far I have tried yunomi (Japanese tea cup), goblet, jug, vase, trinket box, brooch and candle holder. I will continue to work on those. I have got other ideas apart from wings and am working on it. Hopefully I can show you here in near future.. For now here are some images from my sketchbook.

If you are good at time-management and dealing with a panic situation, please share your tips! xm

wing matters!


  1. Well, I'm probably the worst person to advise anyone on time management so I'll skip that bit and go straight to the next bit I really want to say - I love what you've got so far! :) Keep going Maki, this is going to look great and you're going to be so pleased that you stuck to this and did all the hard work :)

  2. I wish I had something to offer on the time management front (it's really not my greatest attribute)...

    I will offer you this: You are a very talented artist & you are very brave for taking this leap! I like the idea of different types of wings - if that helps make your life easier, even better.

    Go for it! You're on your way - I know you'll do great!

  3. I love what I see so far! Keep it up, you can do it! I wish I could help with time management, but seeing as I should be painting and adding to my Etsy shop and not reading blogs right now, I really can't comment on that. :)

  4. Hi Maki, It sounds like youi have been working very hard. I feel you may have to decide either making something for everyday use ( domestic ) or something nice to look at ( sculpture ) in future. Anyway I found amazing works by students from Cardiff School of Art & Design at Art in Clay Hatfield, which were in frot of my stand. Here are web site of some -

  5. Thank you everyone. In a way I am relieved to know that I am not the only one who is not good at time management. (however, I shouldn't be eased back really!)

    Hello Taja-san, thank you for the link. Yes, I understand what you meant about domestic or sculpture. Someone else told me too in the past... in fact it was John Maltby, when I was attending his course and making a vessel with a figure, he said too " figure doesn't work on vessels it's confusing" and took my figure off! Although I like colin peason's vessel with wing-look-like handles... I guess I need a thorough thinking and development in there. Thank you for the advice. xm

  6. Hi Maki, just stumbled across your blog - lovely, i can't resist pottery!
    I shall be calling back on a regular basis :-)

  7. Hello Maki. I love the story of John Maltby. I love him ( as a potter )and his work.

  8. Hi Maki, Oh boy I also have a hard time with time management so I can not offer much but to remember to "breathe". I wish you much luck - your work is beautiful and I love how you share your sketches on your blog - really beautiful ♥

  9. whilst looking for infromation on John maltby I found your site. how refreshing and nice to hear what is happening back in the UK. I wish there were more shows going on like that in Canada!!
    would you reccomend Johns course?
    Lesley McInally

  10. I think im still struggling with my time management. I want to do some creative work before i head out to my day job everyday but so far i have not been successful at all with waking up real early. I think it’s gonna take me more determination to follow my early morning schedule. But i do make sure that i spend at least 2 hours each night working at my little studio. I have a thing for wings too and i absolutely LOVE your wings creations. So excited for you about your craft fair and the things you’re making in your little studio is gorgeous!! I would love to own one of those wings creations of yours! Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!

  11. Nice meeting you here, Murgatroyed-san! Thank you for visiting.

    Hi Ivy, Yes beathing is important! I mentioned that myself in the past blog so must adhere it...

    Hello, Lesley and Taja-san. Yes John Maltby is an amazing man. I've featured in my recent blog before, here http://makikohastings.blogspot.com/2010/07/happy-time.html
    I am thinking about attending the course again if it's on. Do recomment it, Lesley.

    Hi Jacqueline. I am not a morning person either but morning seems better to me for work wise, as I get too tired in the evening. You are doing great as keeping some times in eve. xm

  12. Wings do matter...may you have yours to fly through your creative overwhelm...