4 August 2010

inspirational weekend-out 2/3: POTLOVE

How’s your week so far? It’s been quite busy over here, as I have been doing extra summer scheme. In between I’ve managed to do my own work at home under the gazebo as you know... but for now, as I mentioned in the previous post, I would like to share another artist information from the visit on last weekend. Today is Adam Frew, one of the leading young ceramicists in the UK. I visited his exhibition at Red Barn, in Cumbria. He does beautiful porcelain in a dynamic manner with funky decorations. I have fallen in love with this square bowl with lots of pots decoration. So much of what I love. Check out his website. He is a good looking man too, as a bonus.



  1. i'm with you
    in potlove!
    just gorgeous!

  2. I agree. I love it too. And I admit to searching for his picture on his website ;) x

  3. Hi Makiki, this set is quite different, I like it.

    Hope your well & thanks soooo much for popping into my blog with all your lovely comments awhile back:D

    I'll be by for a visit again soon:D

    Hugs Makiko & Be Well, Mandy