30 August 2010

meet an artist

It's Bank Holiday Monday evening here in England. Back to normal tomorrow. Hope you had a good long weekend. We have been busy doing up my studio all week, but before going into that, I would like to introduce a wonderful US photographer Katrina who I met last week.

Katrina is originally from Oregon and currently living in Italy for two year assignment work. Using this opportunity she and her family are traveling around Europe, and on this occasion they were visiting England. Katrina and I were two of over 600 participants of this e-course earlier this summer, and from that the most amazing on-line connections among the people from all over the world have began. Noticing that Katrina was coming to York, where is fairly near to the town I live, I responded to her. We’d arranged to meet up for the morning tea at a local traditional (and ‘posh’) English cafe called Bettys before they set off to London. I have never met anyone in this way before and found it quite strange. I was excited but more so nervous, worrying if I’d suggested the right thing, if she understands my English and simply because I am shy! Katrina was very friendly and sweet, so were her family, which made me feel more relaxed. Thanks to her warm smile, I had such a lovely time.

Interestingly having shared the similar situations, Katrina; American living in Italy and me; Japanese now living in England, we talked lots about cultural influences, experiences, language and thoughts. Talking about the outcome of the course, I felt I am still on the process of finding myself through this creative journey as my blog itself is meant to be. Katrina uses just the right words, ‘finding yourself through art’. Absolutely! As a photography lover myself, it was also nice listening to Katrina’s passion towards photography and creativity, which inspired and encouraged me gently but surely. In her website, Katrina explains her philosophy of the photography that her eyes are the important element, not the equipment, which I totally agree with. Her photography is stunning and I love how Katrina captures the images. I’m certain that she took so many beautiful images during the visit and can’t wait to see her blog post. She also writes beautifully and often kindly shares her tips too! Visit her website here, it’s a pure breath-taking.

Thank you for meeting me, Katrina. Happy creating! xm


  1. It must have been great to meet up with Kat, I also visit her site and love her photos. If you ever decide to make a trip down to South West let me know so we can meet up, you can photograph and I can draw the tea and scones we can have in one of the great tea rooms here :)

  2. I love your blog and how it is blooming so beautifully. Cool to have met another flyer! and brave too.

  3. I love this story and hearing how the 2 of you got together! I have connected with Kat as well, but didn't know this history. I hope I can someday meet some fellow flyers in person as well. Good for you for reaching out in this way!

  4. How wonderful for both of you, Maki! I like Katrina's blog a lot and her photography is just stunning.
    I also understand what you say about living in a different country and culture, I'm a German living in the US - I love it, but it certainly has its challenges.
    I like your site here - and I'm also a fellow flyer.

  5. I've met Kat and her family, too :). They are great! And I hope to meet other fellow Flyers as well - so many things to talk and share. I'm glad you two had a wonderful time.

  6. I think it's wonderful that you took the leap and offered a meeting...I'd be very shy and nervous about it as well. I don't think anyone lives anywhere near where I am, and getting to the 2 bigger cities 4 hours away from me is abit difficult at the moment because of our brood of bunnies...otherwise it would be really neat to meet some fellow flyers...Koodes to you Makiko for having the courage to reach out and welcome in another artist:D

  7. How lovely for you to comment like that. I am not sure if I was brave because I was still shy and uncertain what to speak. It was Kat who made me feel ok. So many thanks to Kat. But it is certainly worth to reach out so that I could find out about myself too, yet again! It's all about being a part of creative journey.

    Hey Veronika, Moyra. When you are ready of UK retreat, count me in! I'll make sure to let you know if I come doen south.