25 August 2010

treasure hunting

treasure or trash?

Do you like car boots sale? Do you often pop into your local charity shops? Do you become curious when you walk pass a skip? Well, I am! If you are too, you may find this exciting.

Currently building my studio-to-be is located next to our garage. We are thinking of connecting the back of the garage to the studio to access as a storage space. So we had a bit of clearing around that area. The garage is full of stuff that had left from the previous owner’s husband, who had lived here for a long long time. He must have collected almost anything from woods and metals to old tools and gadgets. You name it. So to my husband, who is much of DIY lover and doesn’t like throwing things away, it is a great space to look into. I love hunting stuff too from somewhere looks like rubbish to someone’s eyes. You can imagine, how we get slowed down our main tasks of building the studio, once started to dig out the back of garage... Oh well, but it was FUN! I got carried away and found a box full of fascinating stuff as you can see...

This metal box itself looks ACE to me. Thinking about what to do with it is just exciting.

Old copper tapes are a good use for garden. So are these cotton strings with two metal pegs. Love the weather effected blue.
Wooden measurement tools. One is foldable and one with split level.
Old linseed oil bottle. (on the right) It was so dirty and took me ages to clean. Now it has joined my collections of old bottles on the shelf.
Old tools are fab to just display on a white wall, which I will be painting my studio with. Metal sands are still usable for ceramics.
A traditional English trifle dish in lead crystal. It may look a bit granny-ish but I love the pretty patterns. I am thinking of placing my jewellery in it.
Old small tins and a miniature car. Simply Gorgeous.
Smash! I have never actually used them but some of you may remember one in a tin like this. (and 7p off!) Shall I plant herbs or make holes to use as a candle holder?
A blue and white patterned mug. No maker name on it so probably just a cheap buy nothing special, but kind of nostalgic which I like about.
I was so pleased with my findings and bringing them back to a new home. Hindsight is that I was far behind from the planned job. Tomorrow I will ban myself from the garage.
What can you find in your garage?
(I guess yours are tidy and organised unlike ours... oops.) xm


  1. These look like real treasures :) Our garage is mainly used by my husband for his tools and it's all very organized (he's my opposite you see :)with nothing for me to rummage around :(

  2. Oh that looks like fun. What wonderful treasures you found.

  3. oh dear...I'm just the same...so many things I find that I didn't know I needed!We have the best charity shop in my village but I only allow myself in twice a week!

  4. Dearest Maki, these items are such wonderful treasures!! I love that gorgeous linseed oil bottle. I am just the same too ~ i think i can really find alot of items in my little storage place. I am sooo excited about your studio! Have a lovely merry happy weekend and love to you!

  5. You'd have a field day in our garage, which is huge and chock full of old stuff. we moved two years ago and have yet to unpack many things. A lot of the stuff came from my French parents-in-laws' country home and there are some real treasures. Our garage is a mess at the moment and I really don't have the time or the courae to do anything about it!

  6. They are beautiful! I think it's also because you took the pictures so nicely too!
    I'm not good at this although I get excited when with finding lovely stuff. I just get tired before finding a nice one. *_*"

  7. Thank you for the comments. Yey for treasure hunting! Oh, Deborah, I would love to peek in your garage in France, that would make my day!! xm

  8. Your working space is turning out great. It's getting light and your sense for finding and composing treasures is a pleasure for the eye. I'm a collector myself ;) and love the two metal pegs, ceramic tools and glass installation. I'm in the process of making my own working space too. :)

  9. Hello Tone, nice seeing you here. My dream is treasure hunting in foreign countries. Must be fun to do where you live. Thank you so much for your comment. xm

  10. oh my goodness!...the contents of the garage look very exciting to me and just like the collection of beautiful old rubbish round and about my house! I seem to attach sentimental valur to EVERYTHING and adore getting my hands on anything unusual or old.....i swear by the time im 90 u wont be able to find me for all my "treasure"! hold on to it all! not many people do...and i will show u my favorites from the treasure box!