14 August 2010

smile maker of the week

illustration by Veronika Horrocks

Today, I would like to share with you a great surprise that I had this week. The UK based artist Veronika’s illustration has arrived to my home. Yey!

This is one of the great things by blogging. To engage to people. Only a year ago that I somehow started to see “blog” on my computer, you can tell how trendy I was (NOT!). Then after having some time of learning I got mine started in this June 2010, without knowing what’s really going on. Then interestingly the link to these people in the world began to develop. Veronika is the one of them. Luckily I found her this summer and I started to view her illustrations regularly.

Like I mentioned before (in this post), I deeply admire the people who can paint or draw. Because I simply cannot. Their skills and imagination are such respect. Veronika presents her illustrations and messages in her blog almost daily, which I take my hat off for her energy. Then when I found this particular illustration and message, my heart clicked. Yes, I am a bit of camera geek I must admit. But it spoke to me. Yes, I do need to look into further to find what I really see. It was interesting. On the return to my comment, you know what? She offered me a gift of this drawing! How lovely! So I was so chuffed when it finally got to my home. I immediately dug out my old camera and positioned it next to her illustration. Ahhh. Now I am thinking how to frame this illustration and where to put... such an exciting feeling and I LOVE it!

I felt terribly selfish just to have it for free, so we've agreed to have an exchange. I sent my ceramic piece to her this week. I was nervous actually if she does not like that or thinks too simple or whatever. But I am hoping she would connect to me somehow, like I did to her. If she does like it, that would be a bonus.

Do have a look at her website here, there are more illustrations you can view.

Have a lovely weekend everyone! xm


  1. Lovely post, it made me smile! Love Veronika's work and I know that she will love your piece x

  2. Awwww, this is such a nice post, thank you Maki, and it was an absolute pleasure to give you this gift. I'm so looking forward to receiving your ceramic piece, this is just so exciting :)

  3. It's lovely when such connections are made! Wishing you many more...

  4. What a lovely story. It's so nice when kindness is shared and appreciated.

  5. Thank you everyone. It's lovely to connect. Veronika kindly put up her blog post about my work too, here:

  6. Maki,you can draw! I love the simplicity of your sketches. they are truly heartfelt.please, please step forward and claim this innate talent of yours....its waiting!