9 July 2011

simply i heart

images kindly permitted by Mitsuru Koga

I fell in love at first sight. Made my heart sing and brought a smile to my face. Those sweet sea stones by Mitsuru Koga. Aren’t they just aww? He emphasises the nature of the found objects by his creative hand, which echos the coexistence of human and nature. 
A number of Japanese artists including Mitsuru have lately started the joint exhibition event both in Tokyo and Sendai, aiming to support the artists in Sendai (City of North Japan, where significantly damaged by Tsunami on 11th March). I admire those artists who stand up and do what they are the best at, to support others. Information of the event is here (I’m afraid all in Japanese) but please do visit Mitsuru’s world here. I can assure you too go awwwwwwww. Enjoy! xm


  1. These are so delicate and beautiful, definite awwwwww :)

  2. Yes-yes-yes- thank you for sharing these- they are so beautiful!