13 July 2011

mind the birds

Doodling from the ‘wings wall’. (We have a wall and a cabinet in front covered with birds and other flying creatures in paintings, printings, cards, ceramics and even charity shop found… It is one of my favourite spaces in our house) Never been so obsessive with birds until recently. Now my mind is full of birds. I seriously enjoy watching birds everyday. Are you birdie mind? 

These guidebook from Sunday Telegraph are ace. xm 


  1. Anonymous13/7/11 21:48

    I do have a birdie mind! I love them and have a little feeder right outside my window so I can watch them.

    I adore your little sketches - beautiful!

  2. Oh, I love your sketches Maki, these birdies look great :)
    I always have birds on my mind from the start of the spring when I can hear them singing beautifully outside my window, I can never get enough of that sound :)

  3. Your doodles are brilliant, I love them!

  4. you have such a light touch to your line. very unique

  5. Yep I too have a birdie mind, I love to watch birds. Your little birdie doodles are wonderful. I love the one sitting on your head ;o)

  6. Oh I've just seen Pam Grimmond's bird in your sketchbook! Thanks for giving it space. What a lovely page.As you know, I am very birdie mind!! x