26 July 2011

exhibition coming soon!!!

Two of my work have been selected in the forthcoming exhibition ‘53 Degree’ at the New School House Gallery in York! This exhibition was open for the students across the UK, who are currently undertaking Degree in Visual / Applied Arts and 53 selected students will be showcasing their work. I applied actually bang on the deadline, as me being hesitant for a while and eventually decided to have a go anyway. When they told me that I got through, I was over the moon! 
The 53 Degree Exhibition will be on from 30th June until 27th August. I will be there for the opening show on this Saturday 30th at 2pm, along with other selected artists. So exciting!! If you have a chance to visit York, please do pop over. For more information about the gallery, please click here. xm


  1. Huge congratulations! How exciting. Wish I could pop over from the USA and see all the lovely work. xx

  2. Yay! well done Maki it's a great gallery and last year's show was great :o)

  3. Well done Maki, what an achievement! :)
    Enjoy the exhibition, I wish I could be there to see it.

  4. Congratulations Maki!!I so wish I could be there!Hope to see lots of photos! Wish all the best!Lots of love-

  5. Congratulations Maki! Wish I could see it in person- Enjoy it all! Lots of love to you!XX

  6. Congratulations!
    You must be so proud!
    I'm looking forward for some photos!

  7. Hi Makiko

    Sorry we didn't make the opening but we will both make the exhibition eventually and report back.
    It looks really interesting - might find some new collaborators! Shelley and Paula PASH Directory.

  8. Thank you everyone so sweet!