5 July 2011

brown bandage and white wall

The use of your good hand. One of those things you take for granted. Since my right wrist accident, ordinary things that I do daily like driving, brushing my hair, washing up, lifting a kettle etc are wee bit difficult. Although I am currently off from my own studio work as I won’t be able to knead clay or handle the wheel, I’m still handling clay for my students at work, where my white bandage turns into brown daily. I wish I were both handed. Nevertheless, my left hand managed to do a pretty good job over the weekend. xm
painted the garage wall.
and the skirting board.
and the kitchen door. (and the rabbit door.)


  1. Ah, the rabbit door! It brings a huge smile to my face, thanks :-)

  2. I just love the rabbit door!

  3. Hope your hand is better soon. Loooove the rabbit door!

  4. Isn't it a challenge? My left ankle is on the blink and I can't throw for a couple weeks. Been doing lots of hand building and am really enjoying it though.
    Ice has been such a huge help in healing, I wonder if you could ice your wrist?
    Speedy recovery

  5. Sorry to hear about your hand, I hope it gets better soon.
    That photo of rabbit door really made me smile, your rabbit has the most stylish kind of lifestyle with that door :)

  6. Hope it heals fast!I am so sorry to hear about your accident, thigs like that are so frustrating! But love the photos- everything looks so serene and beautiful-love the white-xx

  7. Uhooi,,
    Wow,, It works great and creative,,