3 July 2011


We’ve been busy again this weekend doing the house up. Had a lovely lunch break out in the garden. Looking up at the beautiful blue sky with not a single cloud. Hello July. Hello English summer. My hub says it’s rather too hot but not for me. Having grown up in a ‘proper’ humid hot city in Japan, it is just right. Hope my folks are coping well in the hot summer over there with restricted electricity use. 

Been a long time since I last visited. I do miss them lots these days. xm


  1. It's so hard when family live so far away. I'm in Canada and all the family are in England.
    Beautiful pictures, love the last one.

  2. Don't you just love perfect summer days like this?
    I've been savouring every single day like this to make sure I soak up enough of it while I can :)

  3. I'm with your Hubby Maki too hot for me ! I love the first photo looking up through the leaves.