1 June 2011

now and then

This is me doodling all over the house wall when I was seven. The year my parents’ old bungalow was due to be demolished and rebuilt so I was allowed to doodle whatever and wherever I liked! It was a pure joy!  

This is me doodling the college wall last week, thirty odd years on. Still fun as ever! (more so as you get older??) Preparing the display for the end of year show. (click here to view the last year's one) It’s that time of the year already. Where did the year go?? xm 


  1. Love this Maki!!!!! It looks great.

  2. Oh, you lucky lady, you've got a whole wall to yourself to doodle on, I'm so jealous! :D

  3. So much fun and you are so adorable!!! :D

  4. This is the happiest, coolest post I've seen all week! What terrific parents to allow a creative kid that kind of freedom. **LOVE**

    Wow. Best wishes from germany, tj

  5. Ow!
    I'm still searching for a wall to paint.
    Have this urgency to draw such a big big doodle on the wall :D

    Nicely done!

  6. :0) You were seven in that photo?? Looks like it was taken LAST WEEK! :0))

    Lovely doodles, then & now x

  7. Nicky 2dor11/6/11 14:23

    Your parents obviously saw your talent at an early age! I love your wall at the college - brilliant as ever!