12 June 2011

random reflection on a rainy sunday

Rainy Sunday. I do not mind it really. A good chance to reflect yourself, listening to the sound of rain and the birds singing from time to time. So calm and peaceful. We often take this for granted. 
Thank you for your lovely comments on my blog anniversary. Your support and encouragement have been a huge help for me to move forward. Now I am looking forward to the next stage of my journey coming ahead. So many things in my head that I would like to try this summer and coming term, which will be my final degree year. I will also be doing another event in October (click here to view the last year), and at work I was informed to curate another exhibition for one of my students (click here to view the last year), both of which I am already excited about. I don’t know how things are going to turn. I may struggle as usual, facing the difficulties, fears and doubt. I know all of these will be an essential part of journey and I will be continued to ponder in my blog. One thing for sure is that I will always be ‘who I am’
Three months have passed since Japan’s earthquake. People ask me how things are there now as nothing have been broadcasted over here. I hear the frustrating government move (or rather say not moving at all) and unresolved nuclear situation. People over there live life to what can be done each day, but no one really knows what could happen tomorrow. Many have asked me if I would do another ‘HELP JAPAN bird’. As you know, it was an one-off project that I desperately started at that time and took an enormous amount of time, effort and cost out of my daily life. Yet people’s voice made me realise that this could be something that links myself to my home country and the world as an artist and an individual. I am considering about redoing somehow in the future and maybe this time would aim to contribute directly to the affected area, as I am planning to visit Japan in 2012. I don’t know how exactly though. Doing smaller amounts monthly? Maybe opening Etsy? Maybe contributing half percent of my sales? I am not sure if people would be interested in this as the things are so faded now, but the point was to support continuously and not to forget. What do you think? I would like to hear your thought on this. If you could share any suggestions or advice, it would be greatly appreciated. 

Have a lovely sunday, all. xm 

Those who asked for a SHIN SHIN postcard, on its way to your home now.


  1. Hi Maki, I think your hard work and efforts are amazing and I know that the friends of mine who bought the birds appreciated having a direct way of helping. I think that whatever you do, facilitating connection between the reality for people in Japan and other is a key. I hope you have some quiet time to let it all gestate. xx

  2. Dearest sweet maki, i too love rainny sundays. It's such a bliss to be home, reflecting and listerning to your heart.
    Looks like there so many new and exciting adventure coming your way! Your ‘HELP JAPAN bird’ was really an inspiring project and i am so happy that it was such a huge success. Your thoughts on supporting japan continously sounds good. I know you will always come out with the best in whatever you decide to do. Im with you all the way. :) Have a lovely merry happy new week and love to you!

  3. Hi Maki, thank you for you kind words, they were so encouraging. I too am always twisting my brains with anxiety and fears. Is this the artists' life? Hmm. I think your work to support Japan is terrific, and your thoughts about continuing it sound good.The birds are beautiful!I will make sure next time I shout out the word for you, from my blog as well.
    Have a lovely week.x

  4. Maki, follow your heart on this one. We will be behind you what ever you decide. For myself, I really appreciate the link to the disaster in Japan that you are providing. Thank you.

  5. I agree that going with your heart is important here and that you need to listen to what you feel you want to do rather than what people feel you should do.
    If you were to go ahead a suggestion would be to open up an Etsy store ad perhaps sell some online.... This would open them up to the wider populace worldwide - I know that I would buy one or two .... or if you are tired of making them it might be a good place to test something else - bowls with a bird of Japan painted on them - just a thought
    Thinking of you

  6. Just catching up on fellow Flyer blogs. Your bird project was so wonderful! I think opening up an Etsy shop is a great idea if it's not too taxing on what you do everyday. Etsy does tweets all the time and I think you could reach an even broader audience. Plus, your stuff is so amazing! I admit, I wonder off and on about what is happening in Japan, and life carries on and I forget to search and read and be informed. I think I will grab a "remember" badge to help myself and others do the same. Whatever you decide to do, know you have already made a difference!

  7. Thank you everyone. Really really helpful. I will take all your words into account and digest over the summer, so may not decide what to do just yet, but hopefully come out with a positive answer that would work for me. Thank you so much for your kind advice. xm

  8. I too agree with going with your heart on this one. Your 1000 bird project was "tremendous" and from your heart. I can't imagine how much time and love you put into it, but it seemed quite successful. I know that whatever you choose to do, you'll have a ton of support.

    An etsy shop specifically for Japan might be a consideration? (you could even appeal to other artists to contribute- taking some of the burden off of you). Just some rambling thoughts...

    Anyway- whatever you decide will be the right thing. Thanks for all the difference you have made with your art!

  9. E'Layne Koenigsberg22/6/11 11:37

    thank you for your work and dedication...I am so sorry this is happening in Japan and feel so in the dark about what is really happening...whatever you do choose to do will be right and perfect...many blessings

  10. Valerie, E'Layne,

    Thank you for your kind messages.
    Whatever I decide, I shall keep you posted. xm