11 June 2011

eee by gum

Last weekend we had a friend from Japan stayed with us, so showed him around North Yorkshire from Dales to East Coast. It was a great excuse to enjoy myself revisiting all the goodies that have been created within the history and nature. Colours, shapes, lines and textures within the endless dry stone walls, village halls, ginnels to canals, weather effected barns, a field of butter cups, even tacky seaside shops... so fun to see. I say ba ba you say baaaaa. Ah, good old yorkshire life. 
(Can you spot Harry Potter's scene?)

Shame that he missed out the bed race, our biggest local event this weekend. 90 beds run up and down on the town hills and across the river. Even A59 closes for the beds!

Currently I am giving away SHIN SHIN one year special postcard to all. Click here for more info. Enjoy your weekend everyone! xm


  1. Dearest sweet maki, North Yorkshire is so beautiful!! Having visitors always give me an excuse to explore the city more too. Have a lovely merry happy weekend and love to you!

  2. That looks like an awesome race, I hope we get to have one in Bristol one day, it looks like so much fun! :D
    I love Yorkshire, been to different parts of Yorkshire several times and each time I can't get over how many beautiful places there are.

  3. Thank you Jacqueline :) Yes, having a visitor is always a good excuse!

    I just thought it would be awesome to have this race throughout the UK one day, don't you think???