23 June 2011

about me?

Two years of foundation degree has completed. The final year of BA will start in September. Following that change, I only meant to ‘tweak’ a bit of my profile section (on the right), but after a few attempts, I deleted them all. Writing about yourself is hard. Some people write a lot. Some do none. Some do a little and leave the readers to wonder the rest. What is your profile like? I mean, what do people want to know about me? Or do they in fact? 
Anyway I've decided to write about me randomly here and then I may ‘tweak’ a bit later if I fancy. 
i was born and lived in Japan until the age of 24. 
i speak English with Yorkshire accent. (apparently)
i am under 5ft.
i used to drink lots of milk believing to get taller.
i still drink lots of milk but not with the same reason. 
i love bunnies. (not to eat or shoot)
i don’t do chocolates nor cats. (sorry no offense)
i roller skate well.
i like the smell of cut grass. 
i suffer from a hey fever. 
i am good at making a mess.
i agree with the fact of the three most stressful things in your life; moving house, marriage and divorce, all through experience. 
i chill in a very hot bath. 
i don't bite my nails but often bite my tongue when i sneeze. (literally)
i think my husband is ACE, so is the person who introduced the car boot sale.
i think of drawing but end up doodling. 
the little things in life easily make me happy. 
it’s good to be a geek. 
i know Julie’s dates and walnuts cake is THE best. 
some of the students in my workshop call me MAC, which is ok but i prefer maki.
i would like to engage with you.
i wanted to be a stuntman (or lady precisely) of superhero program. 
i have a thing with quite a lot of things. 
i feel ok. that is important.  
i can cook the perfect rice. (or i think i can)
i do not have green fingers. 
i am ticklish.
i dream.

... me and ceramics? xm


  1. Would love to taste your rice :-D
    Fab list Maki!!

  2. ...my name is maki and i eat very strange food combinations in my sandwiches????? : ) x

  3. Oh yes, SJ
    Forgot to mention! Cottage cheese and pickles the BEST. xm

  4. Anonymous23/6/11 21:28

    Aye!!! You don't like chocolate?? Oh! lol!

    So cool to learn more about you!

  5. I've struggled with writing my About page ever since I started my blog which was more than a year ago. I keep trying and trying but nothing ever seems right so I keep giving up on it even though I know I should get this page updated properly.
    I like what you've got here, I'm tempted to copy you just to end my misery :D

  6. Such a fun way to write about your self. Makes me smile:)

  7. Dearest sweet maki, i really LOVE this so much! It made me smile too! Have a lovely merry happy friday and a wonderful weekend! Love to you!

  8. That was fun Maki !

  9. oh, yes...cottage cheese and pickles are the best...sure hope you get to be a superhero's stunt woman....what fun...

  10. So funny Maki! Maybe we all should write something like that and that way we can get to know each other in a better way!

    Thanks for sharing!

  11. Maki, I got your postcard! So fine! Thank you! now I want to sent You one!--soon, but don't hold your breath. I don't have much dispatch--I mean, I don't do much quickly..