31 May 2011

SOMERSET LOVE 4/4: treasure hunt

Finding your own precious is a part of joy when visiting a new place. I look around everywhere if time allowed, local independent shops, charity shops, CAR BOOT SALE (oh yes!), streets and skips... (You know how much I love treasure hunt form this post.) Here are some gorgeous finds from Somerset. 
Old oil lamps were from school car boot sale right front of where we stayed in Farmborough. Only six cars were there with families with kids (sweet :-), nevertheless I was lucky to buy  them for just 50p! Cannot beat that! I love old jelly moulds (one of my collections :-) and a kind of nostalgic china cup & a miss matching saucer. Again all from the car boot bargain. Beautiful lines from an antique shop in Wells. Glass from a small vintage shop in Shepton Mallet. Beautiful blue letter press card from the Holburne museum. Salt glazed jug by the local artist in Radstock. All now started to settle here and there in our house. I would love to know how you would transfer into your home? Any idea and inspiration welcome! 
I love lines full stop. Simple stitches are my favourite. They are table centers and I am thinking of placing my collection of old bottle glasses with this years sweet-peas
Letter press is a new interest for me. Would love to lean how to do it. Does anyone do letter press? 
Currently jelly mould are holding herbs on the kitchen window sills. My aim is to make lamp shades out of them in the future. 
When I sew those glass and china cup, I already had this images in my head. I am so glad I found them. 
Remember Peter Blake’s collage that I mentioned here? Thought I would make my own collage of ‘somerset love’. This is fun and I want to do more often. 
from left top, clockwise; box label from Claire’s studio, flower petal found in Bishop’s garden (Wells), pine corns near Royal crescent (Bath), tree barks and Letter press card at the Holburn Museum of Art (Bath), illustrated parcel tape from Claire’s studio. receipt from a vintage shop (Shepton Mallet), jelly mould (Farmborough), duck feather (Farmborough), old metal caps found in the street (Keynsham), white lined stone (Cheddar)
Hope you enjoyed viewing a wee bit of my somerset love. Thanks for visiting. xm

p.s. where did May go???  


  1. Lovely! Great idea for making use of those vintage jelly moulds...look forward to seeing them as lampshades too. ;)

  2. jelly molds, vintage oil lamps ... yes!

  3. Dearest sweet maki, awesome loot and i adore those Old oil lamps! :) Your collage collage of ‘somerset love’ is beautiful! I have a thing for letter press too. :) Have a lovely merry happy week and love to you!

  4. that is a brilliant collection to have found. good old Blake and his collages are so inspiring.

  5. This clearly was a very successful trip, just look at all those beauties! :)
    I can't believe that it's June tomorrow either (and this current winter weather really isn't helping that), but I'm happy that it's coming tomorrow and hoping that it may bring summer with it, one can always hope :D

  6. I am so pleased you have Happy Memories of Somerset.