1 October 2010

LONDON LOVE 1/4 because: I ‘panda me’ home

Origin. The London Craft Fair showcasing over 200 makers work. One of the biggest reasons I visited London on this occasion. It was held at the new venue Spitalfields Market. (How awesome is that!) Under the great concept of ‘made not manufactured’ you can view so many amazing craft work that blow you away. Full of buzzing imagination. Truly inspirational. You can also get an exciting opportunity to speak to the makers and peek at their insight. I totally loved it.  

In particular, I was looking forward to seeing Claire Loder’s work. I love her unique and quirky way of sculpting faces in ceramics. It was the very first time for me to see her work in real life. Oh, what a sensation! Such a joy to imagine the story behind the individual pieces (faces :)) that look at you. I knew my budget was tight, but could not resist to take her home since my heart was stolen by this ‘panda me’ face. She now sits where I can see every morning and night at our home and gives us this irresistible eye contact. Go and see her website, a paradise full of characters! 
'panda me' by Claire Loder

Here is a link to view all makers information from this year’s Origin. I am sure you will find many artists work that you’d adore. If you ever have a chance to go next year, you know you cannot miss it! xm 


  1. Maki, she looks great here, keep an eye on your fruit though!

  2. Oh, that face looks great, I want one too :)

  3. Ahaha! That is a lovely display you made, perfect for the face...
    Aw... I wish I could have one!