4 October 2010

LONDON LOVE 4/4 because: I can hide in V&A

Wonderful porcelain installation by Edmund de Wall

As we all know, London has numbers of museums. I suppose it is nice to be able to wonder around in the massive space for free (often), but can also be tiring by numbers of tourists. Nevertheless, (I am also a tourist in a way anyway) I do like Victoria & Albert Museum. Whilst most of the visitors go straight to the main hall, I quickly take a small lift on the left, where many people won’t notice its existence. Up to the 6th floor, where I can have a peaceful rest myself among thousands of ceramic collections. Surprisingly this new section is rather quiet whenever I visited. It’s kind of hidden away from the rest of the museum and the quietness after long walk in the city is just what I need. 
This floor has lots that I could enjoy. From contemporary UK ceramicists’ work to my favourite 50’s Scandinavian ceramics. Listening to how Walter Keeler uses his tools. Watching a video scene of Dame Lucie Rie being stuck in a kiln upside down whilst Sir David Attenborough trying to hold her legs. For those who are not familier with the ceramic work, there is a line of visual & tactile guide, which is really easy to understand. Last time I visited, I could even talk to Stephen Dixon, who was an artist in resident. The collections do not much change as opposed to trendy exhibitions do, but that actually allows me to slow down the pace there and yet I still find something new. That sort of place and I love it. 
my Scandinavian hero, Stig Lindburg’s hand-painted plate (1942)

Thank you for visiting. Hope you enjoyed a bit of my LONDON views. If you have missed some, you can scroll down four previous posts. There are lots of artists' link you may find inspiring. xm 


  1. Love reading your stories. Sounds like you had a great time. I have to treat myself to a day in London soon. xx

  2. Dearest Maki, thanks so much for sharing your london visits with us!! I really enjoyed reading your stories! Have a lovely merry happy week and love to you!

  3. I've yet to go to London, but someday I will...thanks for sharing some of your adventure Maki, hope your well and settling in back home easily...sometimes its hard after a grand adventure:D

  4. What a trick: a sneaky elevator ride and hidden treasures! Sounds like something from Alice in Wonderland. Grrreat inside info Maki!