3 October 2010

LONDON LOVE 3/4 because: the street is calling

street made by Victor Stuart Graham

Street markets. Another great reason of what I love about London. My aim on last Sunday was Colombia Road. Famous with the fabulous flower market but what makes more special about this street is not just the flower stalls but what’s going on behind them. So many gorgeous shops, galleries and cafes are lined up, opening just for the weekends. I had a great wonder with my friend (who bought a beautiful bunch of peonies... envy! Only Londoners can do this!). Here are some of my favourites. 
No.158 Jessie Chorley & Buddug 
Jessie produces quirky arts using wires, textiles and all fancy handmade stuff. Her shop also can be seen in this blog
No.152 Openhouse
Lots of garden & interior furniture and antiques. If you’re into bird cages and smoky colours, you would love this space. 

No.126 Ryantown
Paper-cut artist Rob Ryan’s shop. His breath-taking superb work with sweet stories he 'cuts' - simply you cannot miss! 
Absolutely jam packed with gorgeous vintage stuff from ceramics to linens. At the back there is a small cafe space which will take you a nostalgic journey. Literally heaven! 

is a small yard connected to Colombia Road and packed with vintage stalls and shops selling wacky lights and chairs. All worth looking. 
Happy Sunday everyone! xm


  1. Maki - I just want to visit London and have you tour me around all of these places! So lovely!

  2. Oh, so many goodies, you're making me miss London now :)

  3. i'm loving all your london love.
    it does shine!! xo

  4. Maki, i wish i could visit london and it's wonderful markets!! Have a lovely merry happy sunday and love to you!

  5. great trip Maki reminds me of when i used to live in London :0)

  6. You just reminded me why I love London.
    And peonies in October???

  7. I'm so excited of the promise of London gain one day!