30 September 2010

LONDON LOVE: coming soon!

Been a little quiet here as I was a busy bee with the course work and sorting things from the last minute trip to London last weekend. The place where I lived when I first came to the UK in 1997. Having moved away from there for many years now, I still do LOVE visiting this fab place as often as possible. Weekend was just not enough to see all, but I will share a little bit of my LONDON views in the next four posts. So watch this space! 


  1. Hi sweet Maki! Dropping by for a quick hello before going to bed !
    Love the yellow sneakers!
    Looking forward to seeing your London views!!

    Hug xx

  2. London was the first city I lived in when I moved to UK 21 years ago as well, love that place but not sure I could live there again, although I do love to go there as a tourist :)

  3. I just so miss living in England myself. Oh the ache.
    Sadly it is not that easy to just pop over to the UK.


  4. love the yellow sneaks! Looking forward to seeing your London views ♥

  5. Hi Makiko,
    I just discovered your blog: wow! Years ago I dated a guy who lived in London... sweet memories ;-) Can't wait for your pics!
    Best wishes, Roos from Amsterdam
    (p.s. my mother in law is called Makiko too, so somehow your blog sounds already familiar)

  6. p.s. Of course I'll follow you & have placed a link on my blogroll! Feel free to have a look at my Dutch blog and use the (crappy..) Google translate button.

  7. Wow! you lived in London , that must have been amazing , I went out their 5yrs ago and I wanted to live their too. Enjoy your stay : P