8 October 2010

B♡DAY treat

Had my birthday this week. To be honest I am no longer bothered about such a thing of mine, (nearly counting down to 40!) but I must say I was spoilt a big time with lovely gifts, especially by my best friend ‘Ms. Sunshine-Smile’. (won’t say her name here just in case) Ms. Sunshine-Smile and I went to a vintage show earlier this year and found those beautiful colours of ceramic set. I was delighted for my find but didn’t buy them. Then she kindly kept them for me until my birthday and ta-da! How sweet! 
They come with six colours of cups & saucers, side plates 
(mmm more cakes!) 
and pretty linen mats & napkins to colour coordinate! 
Not just that. Take a look at the details. Those embroidered tulips are actually pocket and can insert the napkin! Aww...... :) 
My hub thinks they are ‘tat’ but I adore them! 
Thank you so much Ms. Sunshine Smile! 
P.S. My step son draw ‘me potting angels’ inside the card - ACE! 

GUESS what my hub got me? 
For my future website, he said. Gosh, would take me forever! Love you darling, though.  Thank you folks and those who gave me birthday wishes. I AM a very lucky one.
Have a lovely weekend, everyone! xm 


  1. Happy birthday (although belated, but I didn't know of course). Wishing you all the best! And lots of luck with your work!!
    p.s. what a great way to suprise a friend ;-)

  2. Happy birthday Maki, sounds like you've had a lovely time this week :) I'm also counting down to 40 now and closer I get less bothered I feel about it, which is probably for the best :)

  3. Anonymous9/10/10 21:50

    Happy birthday! I hope you are having lovely weekend!

  4. Happy BD!!!
    nice to have ppl who love you!! isn't it ; )
    makes it all worth it

  5. wow..nice post you have..i've seen that book in the store....i almost bought it but somebody got it first...hehehehhee..



  6. Your blog is inspirational. I have been out taking photographs already this afternoon after reading it.

    Btw, if you need *any* technical advice/help with your website let me know. I will be more than happy to help you out!

    Christian x